Can you keep your lifestyle in retirement?

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Thank you for a few minutes of your time to invite you come to our telecall/webinar tonight that will help you see just how relevant the timing is for building something for yourself ONCE that will pay you for years and years to come. It will make a difference in your income and in the lives of so many other people for years and years to come.

Can you keep your lifestyle in retirement?

I saw this on a TV ad last night, and I thought that it is a most poignant question to ask ourselves.

Whether you are interested in reducing LBS and/or looking for a simple way to create additional income part-time or full-time, you can get your answers tonight.

Business Overview Webinar
TONIGHT – Monday evening
with John Haremza

Donna Farrell

605-475-4508 1111#
7PM PT – 8PM MT – 9PM CT – 10PM ET
(EVERY Monday and Wednesday at this time/place)

30 min Webinar:
(to get sound online, click on the telephone icon and download/install app)

Drink Share Earn - and Lose LBS

Come learn the SIMPLE SYSTEM John is using to receive a TEAM Bonus Checks last November that is above and beyond his monthly residual checks.

CEO Charles presents Donna Farrell a Bonus Check for $30,000

Reaching out to make a Prosperous Difference!
Mary Reynolds
Mary Reynolds
603-382-8848 – call any time, I’d love to get you started!

PS … Check out how simple this can be in your business at:

PPS … even once people have reached their Healthiest Weight – they will continue to drink the coffee/tea for maintenance, which is so much better than yo-yo systems that only work until you can’t stand it anymore – or until you forget.

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