[A Better Way Video] The Family That Overcomes

Dear Difference Maker,

When a person strives to live a Purpose Driven life or starts their own business to Make a Difference they hold a dream close to their hearts  – in varying degrees – on the life they want to create, a level of living they intend to enJoy and bless others with.

And yet, that is not always how it plays out.

Here is the latest in Eric Worre’s Go Pro: A Better Way series:  Meet Melody and Blair McFarlane’s The Family That Overcomes.  It’s entirely possible their story will embrace you – like it did us – in a way that may open your mind up to thinking far greater than maybe you have been so far …

Our story:  We are Craig & Mary Reynolds and we’ve been in business and dancing together for as long as we’ve been married … 22 years now!


why javita, why now?

We work six days a week, 52 weeks of every year for 20+ years in our business and we have not yet enjoyed time freedom that long term financial security from our life’s work is meant to bring.  So when our good friend called to tell us about Javita, it was truly an answer to our prayers from three important standpoints:

First because our work has been so sedentary the unnecessary LBs have creeped up on us both.   We’ve tried all of the newest, latest exercise equipment, diets, pills and protein powders but with Javita’s Burn+Control Coffee and Lean+Green Tea it’s been so much easier for us to remember to do because we drink coffee and tea as part of our daily routine anyway AND we feel energetically uplifted and manage ourselves around food so much better now.


Second because with Javita Energy+Mind Coffee and FocusFusion Cocoa it is SIMPLE for people to improve the quality of their lives. We can now get this kind of nutritional supplementation in the hands of so many adults and children struggling with a full range of physical and emotional experiences that are
de-energizing their lives
; from a daily drop in energy to a sense of personal well being.

kids and JavitaClick here to read all of the miraculous success experiences coming in …

In today’s fast-paced, high-tech, bright-shiny-object world, time, energy, focus and attention experiences are close to home for both of us but now with Javita, I have been able to get off all Estrogen medication and reduce my additional herbal supplementation.  You can see just how much healthier, lighter and leaner I am becoming.

in process

Craig has been able to reduce his antidepressant med by 2/3’s and has released 30 LBs by simply eating less. We are both enJOYing balanced energy while being able to remain focused with calm minds all day long.

Click here to read all of the miraculous success experiences coming in …

And third from a business standpoint Javita offers four highly consumable products with amazing – if not miraculous – health benefits with an affordable investment to become a member so anyone can get started building a limitless lucrative business part time or full time doing what you already do naturally anyway – encourage people to simply try the products for 24 days – making this an easy “can do” decision!

0000 money 3

own your life!

 Click here to read our business and life reorganization story.

Reaching out …
Mary_Craig_wht_288x118 (1)

PS … When can we talk? Let’s schedule a time to talk about Making a Difference, More Money & Winning Time back by building Javita coffees, tea and cocoa into your “life” and/or your existing business model.

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