[A Better Way Video] “From Fired To Freedom”

Dear Difference Maker,

When a person strives to live a Purpose Driven life or starts their own business to Make a Difference they hold a dream close to their hearts  – in varying degrees – on the life they want to create, a level of living they intend to enJoy and bless others with.

And yet, that is not always how it plays out.

Here is today’s A Better Way Video: From Fired To Freedom, Blake & Angie Warrington’s story from Eric Worre’s Go Pro series.  It’s entirely possible their story will embrace you – like it did us – in a way that may open your mind up to thinking far greater than maybe you have been so far …

own your life

As an author, trainer, educational consultant and business coach I am now teaming up with stay-at-home parents, people who work in unfulfilling jobs and collaborating with purpose driven business owners thoughout the world to build freeing – own your life – passive residual income into their lives and/or existing business model.

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Our newest additions here at Heart Productions & Publishing is based on the positive, healthy difference these five products are beginning to make in tens of thousands of people’s lives and which will one day make in millions of adults and children’s lives.

Javita’s Healthy Coffees, Teas and Cocoa are the infused with phenomenally healing herbs creating the tie that binds together my entire body of work and can quite possibly be this and more for your life’s purpose and work.

Products that are already consumed by more than half the world’s population, combined with an exciting, new business opportunity for anyone anywhere who falls in love with how they feel on our healthy coffees, teas and cocoas infused with healing herbs, i.e., stay-at-homers, retirees, people who are unfulfilled in their jobs, full time and part time entrepreneurs.

“you have residual bills… why not have residual income?”


why choose team reynolds?

We are all about Making a Life, Making a Living … and Making an Exponentially Positive Difference.

Our company, Heart Productions & Publishing – HPP, was born two decades ago with the soul intention of helping people throughout the world get to the heart of the matter in building a FulFILLing, Rich & Healthy Life in every area: mind, body and spirit …

We are seasoned entrepreneurs and we are all about supporting you in our joined endeavor to make the world a peaceful and prosperous place for every one to live:

  • Business & Life Coach  – we’ll listen for limited thoughts and turn them around
  • Internet & Networking experience –  authentically connecting ways to reach out
  • MasterMinding with Team Members – we’ll SEE and believe with and for you

When you join us in adding Javita’s 5 easy to enjoy products to your life and offerings we will match your energy, determination and commitment as you reach your dreams and goals.

Click here to read our business and life reorganization story.

2 Phases to building financial security and time freedom:

Phase 1:  Upsell Javita products – just like you already do with other non residual type products and services – to your clients and customers moving them into AutoShip as they are experiencing positive results; and then simply keep in touch – keep connecting – good for business.

Phase 2:  Share with your colleagues and competition!  Invite them to join you in your Javita business and build financial security and time freedom on the same team.  It’s a simple as playing this 22 minute presentation that we use at Home Parties and/or PBRs- Private Business Receptions or having coffee with a friend or a business acquaintance or colleague …

We are backed by a team that has been more available to us than any organization we’ve ever been in so it’s not just us, you are also in the support of multi-million dollar direct marketing producers: Renee Chittick, Mickey Dillion, Donna Farrell,  Lennie Campbell, John Ryan and John Heremza all available for your personal investigation on FaceBook.

So, grab a cup of coffee, tea or cocoa and learn all you can about what Javita can mean for your life and then give us a call here at Heart Productions & Publishing (603-382-8848) or email us at mary@behealthyjava.com so we can answer your questions about how to get these products for free and how you can build a Plan B that replaces your Plan A!

We’d love for you to join us in the never ending search for the best within ourselves as we all get healthier, happier and financially free with Javita!

See for yourself the Successes so many are having along with unexpected Health Benefits at our Success Stories link.

own your life!



Click here to schedule a time that works for you so we can visit about Making a Difference, More Money & Winning Time back by building Javita coffees, tea and cocoa into your “life” and/or your existing business model.

Reaching out …
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