[A Better Way Video] “The Fly Master”

Dear Difference Maker,

Do you love Fly Fishing?  Know someone who does?  Here is today’s A Better Way Video: “The Fly Master” from Eric Worre’s Go Pro series.  It’s entirely possible their story will embrace you – like it did us – in a way that may open your mind up to thinking far greater than maybe you have been so far …


Are you working a ONE & DONE life & business model?

Meaning you work hard to build a meaningful relationship and a connection and then it’s over until the next time they may or may not need your services, product or program?  Which means you’ve got come up with creative ways to chase after them or go out and get yourself new clients and customers!

Now you can EXTEND what you’ve spent your time and energy establishing to a long term – highly lucrative connection.

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For example, I was introduced to my nutritionalist over twenty years ago. To this day there are certain herbal supplements in her distribution center that are staples that I use daily and reorder monthly all by myself online!

That’s 20 years of passive residual income she intelligently put herself in a position to provide for her family and fund her dreams to enjoy her retirement.

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Salon table displayreduce your weight by simply changing your coffee

own your life

As an author, trainer, educational consultant and business coach I now go pro to team up with stay-at-home parents, people who work in unfulfilling jobs and purpose driven business owners thoughout the world to build freeing – own your life – passive residual income into their lives and/or existing business model.

Our newest additions here at Heart Productions & Publishing is based on the positive, healthy difference these five products are beginning to make in tens of thousands of people’s lives and which will one day make in millions of adults and children’s lives.

Javita’s Coffees, Teas and Cocoa are the tie that binds together my entire body of work and can quite possibly be this and more for your life’s purpose and work.

Products that are already consumed by more than half the world’s population, combined with an exciting, new business opportunity for full time and part time entrepreneurs.

“you have residual bills… why not have residual income?”


choose team reynolds

Click here to read our business and life reorganization story.

Reaching out …
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PS … When can we talk? Let’s schedule a time to talk about Making a Difference, More Money & Winning Time back by building Javita coffees, tea and cocoa into your “life” and/or your existing business model.

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