A fabulous way to fund your dreams

Hi there!  Mary Reynolds here …   Business Coach & Direct Marketer…

What would you do in your life if money were out of the way? What could you accomplish and contribute?  How would your life be different if you had hundreds or thousands of extra dollars coming in each month?


Imagine what it would be like to have greater time freedom…to be able to spend quality time with your family and friends while doing more of the things you love.


And how would it feel to be around positive, like-minded people who care about your success and who want to make the world a better place?

If any of that sounds good to you, then please continue reading.

Though this is an unusual email for me to write, when I came across this phenomenal opportunity, I knew I had to personally get involved and to share it.

My Back Story

I’ve been in business for myself for over two decades.  I’ve successfully coached people all over the world in their multi-million dollar businesses and I’ve LOVED every minute of it.

However, the realization has always been with me, that I needed my own Plan B because let’s face it, if I don’t show up for work on any give day or series of days, business doesn’t happen in my industry.

I’ve been in love with the network marketing industry for a long time and I’ve been on the outlook for something that was a “no brainer” … and that’s when my friend John Ryan called me.

John’s been a successful network marketer for over twenty years.  He had introduced me to a company where he was bringing in $50K a month, and as much as I wished I could join him it just wasn’t something that I was excited to share.


Several years ago John and Karen sold their business to retire.  I watched his Facebook posts as he and his wife Karen traveled around the country in their 5th Wheel all the while my husband and I were working 6 days a week to keep our business going in this economy.


Then one day “out of the blue” John Facebook messaged me (because he had lost my phone number).  Knowing John like I do, I just knew it was going to be about a new network marketing opportunity and I was praying it would be something that I would LOVE because I had my day-to-day operations well in hand and could now start building my Plan B.

I didn’t call him back right away because I had a project I needed to finish.   I knew that if he had something that would “light me up” I would want to hit the ground running.

I finished my project the following Monday morning and then I called him!

John had me at weight loss coffee … and the rest, as they say, is history.

With John having been in the industry for over 2 decades, he had researched the company, along with it’s founders and gave it a 5 Star out of 5 Star Rating.   The #1 requirement for my husband and me to get involved had to meet our Top 3 Criteria: that the company be debt free, have a simple and easy to use product that we LOVED and have an affordable membership. Check, check and check!

So you may be wondering why John and his wife got back into network marketing after having already retired?  Because, in John’s own words … it was a “no brainer” for them to get in early and be a part of a company that is going to make financial history for everyone that gets onboard now!

An Invitation

If you’re interested in hearing more about a way to have time freedom, residual income, personal growth, and more fun with positive, like-minded people, join my husband Craig and me for a FREE webinar TONIGHT ….


If you can’t make the call, but want to know more, email me and we’ll send you the replay.  Mary@BeHealthyJava.com

I’m excited to share this possibility with you, because whatever your situation now, I know that you are here on the planet for abundance, happiness and love.

Please join us to find out if this could be the way to fund your dreams, both large and small.

Reaching out …



PS … You can make a little bit extra a month or start creating dream income, depending on how much time you’d like to spend. It’s a fantastic way to add residual income to your existing business or have your own global business with low start up cost, minimal overhead, and no risk or liability.

Find out how by joining us here for the call or emailing us to listen to the replay.

Then call us with any questions you have and I can 3-Way you in to visit with John and our other highly supportive Team Members as you wish.

Join.me/DreamIncome  605-475-4508 PIN 1111#


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