A Little Tea Could Yield a Big Payoff

Green Tea: The Secret Weight-Loss Weapon

Green tea has received a lot of good buzz in the press over the past few years, as studies show that the antioxidant-rich drink could have beneficial effects on everything from heart health to cancer prevention. And green tea can play a key role in the success of your Sexy Forever Plan. It can boost your metabolic rate by 4 percent for 24 hours after you ingest it; plus, it elevates your adrenaline for an extended period of time, giving you more energy for your daily activities (including exercise) and helping your body unlock and use stored body fat. (And, a bonus: It may even prevent your body from absorbing additional fat from your food!)

Here’s how to work green tea into your daily plan:

  • Don’t stop at a cup. You’ll need two to three cups of green tea daily — or you can take a pill with 500 mg of ECGC extract (the active ingredient in green tea) to reap the benefits.
  • Take it early in the day. The adrenaline boost from green tea can make it tough for you to sleep, so avoid drinking it or taking the supplement later in the day. Taking it in the morning, though, will help rev you up for the day ahead.
  • Try it with a big meal. If you’re indulging in a big, saturated-fat feast, a little green tea beforehand can help you avoid digesting (and storing) all of those fat calories.
  • Consider complementary supplements. Pairing green tea with 1 to 2 grams of the amino acid tyrosine could help you boost production of adrenaline.

We hope you got a lot out Suzanne Somers, author of Sexy Forever Plan, article today and will take some proactive steps in taking care of yourself in healthy ways!

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