Answered prayers … yes or no?!

Make A Life, Make A Living... Make A Difference

What do answered prayers look like?

During a recent MasterMind session, one of our team members asked me what had my husband and I prayed for that Javita Coffee and Tea would be an answer to…

With our children grown and married, and with our marriage enjoying a new level of freedom and adventure, our prayers have been centered around becoming as healthy, light, lean, physically comfortable and as flexible as is possible ….AND we’ve also prayed to be financially abundant in our business and become completely debt free.

We enjoy making a difference with our life’s work, and we have prayers and dreams for owning our home outright and being able to take Viking River Cruises around the world, travel to see our children and grandkids as often as we want plus enjoying our lake home in the summer months.

Simple prayers really.

In visiting with my chiropractor – who has prayers similar to ours – about helping people lose weight and gain focus with Javita Coffee and Tea, she threw her hands up in the air and said, “I don’t have time to sell Javita coffee!”

To which I replied, “….that’s OK, it literally sells itself and we have a 63% reorder rate!”

I shared with her what’s happening for other small business owners, doctors, salon owners etc… and how Javita Coffee and Tea is literally flying off the shelves AND how one salon owner had her BMW in just 2 1/2 weeks of becoming a member!




Which brings me to the point of reaching out to you today … you can pray for a way to accomplish your financial and personal dreams and the answer can come and you can still say “no” to it when making a fear based assumption that the solution you seek is going to be too HARD to accomplish ….

But what if it weren’t harder than the conversations you are already having with your clientèle?

If you have silent prayers similar to ours, then pick up the phone and just call me and let’s talk about how setting up a display of Javita Coffee and Tea in your place of business can fit into what you are already offering while building residual income for you and your family.

Reaching out …

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