Before and After – See the Transformation!

Hey folks, the pictures below are of me. I have been ‘heavy’ for over 30 years and unable to do anything about it, no matter what I tried, until now.

craig reynolds before and after javita coffee

Those pants on the right fit me comfortably in late November, 2013, when I first heard about Javita Coffee. By the end of Christmas vacation with family, I had lost about 5 lbs (after enjoying Thanksgiving and holiday feasting.) Now I am happy as a clam, down 25 lbs, and the only thing I have done is change the coffee I drink.

We have chosen to do this as a business because the product actually works, it is very reasonably priced compared to other products in this industry, it has a very low financial investment, the company is solid, and the market is in its infancy. Also, why would I EVER go back to drinking my old brand of coffee? Think about it.

Click around on this site, then call me.

Craig Reynolds

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