Do THIS before eating your Thanksgiving feast

Do THIS before eating your Thanksgiving feast (helps you feel great & reduce lbs)
DRINK Burn+Control Weight Loss Javita COFFEE!

We’re in a constant struggle.

We all want to look and feel our best. Our appearance is important to us.

It’s important because your physical appearance is the first impression someone has of you when they first meet you. And first impressions last a long time.

But more important than our appearance is our health and how we feel each day.

Let’s face it, we all have a few extra pounds we’d like to lose, not only for our looks but for our health.

The extra weight we are carrying around isn’t good for our heart, our bones, joints, or our long term quality of life.

Many of today’s health challenges, like cardiovascular disease and diabetes, are a direct result of these extra pounds. But why is it that, with all of the weight loss products on the market, none of them work long term? We just can’t get rid of, or keep off, those extra lbs.

The reason why all of these weight loss programs fail is because they are complicated.

Every program asks you to change your habits, change your lifestyle, change your routine, and we all know change is not easy. That’s why so many people fail with diets.

Even with the best intentions, we forget to take the pills, we stop drinking the shakes, and we stop eating and following the special meal plans. Compliance with these complicated programs … well it’s complicated! Even if a product or program works initially, we just can’t wait to get off the product or regimen.

But what if you could lose weight without changing your habits, by simply doing what you are already doing every day – drinking coffee! And not the coffee you are already drinking, I’m talking about the delicious, smooth, South American blended gourmet instant coffee from Javita, an exclusive proprietary blend of coffee infused with herbs, herbs that are already helping tens of thousands of people lose weight every day.

This year, why not relax and really enJOY your food over the Holidays – knowing that you are drinking a coffee that is infused with what Dr. Oz says is the Holy Grail of : Garcinia Cambogia along with Yerba Mate.
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 first and then on the ? to watch a short video.

We are thrilled to announce that we’ve added 2 new products to our offerings, here at HPP, products that we are so happy to share with you, and that will make a difference throughout the world.

Our new addition, Javita Energy+Mind Focus and Burn+Control Weight Loss Coffee, is available in 30 countries.

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Livin’ Javita Loca baby!!!
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PS … It’s easy! Order TODAY and go ahead and lose weight this holiday season – still time to get your coffee for Thanksgiving!

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