[Short Video] Best Christmas Gift to Loved Ones Ever: LIFE!

Best Christmas Gift to Love Ones Ever: LIFE!

This is a must hear testimonial for anyone with diabetes. Listen to how this gentleman with diabetes has controlled his blood sugar with Javita Burn+Control and dropped 42 lbs so far …

Rosti claims that “his blood sugar has come down and he will be around a while longer” thanks to Javita.

Click on graphic or go to:

You’ve got to go out and search “Javita” on YouTube. You will see the everyday person’s testimonial videos about everything from Lupus, to Fibromyalgia, to Diabetes Type 1 & Type 2 getting their Blood Sugar in balance and reducing meds (my adoptive mom died of diabetes) – to people reducing their Anti-Depression meds – to people who couldn’t walk with Rheumatoid Arthritis – getting off their pain meds and narcotics, and they are now walking and feeling great – energetic and able to exercise etc … Javita Coffee really IS helping so many people beyond just dropping the lbs.

I LOVE stories like these!

You Are Not Depriving Yourself of Anything

My taste buds are having fun. I’m having fun. It’s all fun!

Drinking Javita Coffee is a very great way to enJOY Christmas this year; to come together drink coffee, gab and party! Drinking this coffee is definitely geared to what people enjoy doing together AND getting to drop those unnecessary LBS over the holidays instead of gaining them this year!

What a THRILL this is.

I’m so surprised that I’m not even missing certain foods. I am still enJOYing my fun Christmasy foods – I just seem want to stop – I am feeling full and sooooooo satisfied so much earlier!

I’ve also noticed that everything TASTES so much better too!

My husband Craig is down 6 lbs and 2″ everywhere and I’m down 3 lbs and 1″ everywhere in our first two weeks!

Unexpected benefits are that we’re both sleeping well and feel such a sense of peace and well-being.

Just sayin’ you don’t have to wait until Christmas is over – thinking that you won’t get to enjoy all of the fun foods – you can just enjoy them BETTER!

Now you can …

Change Your Coffee and Change Your Life!

Javita Gourmet COFFEE!

reduce your dress size by simply changing your coffee
Click here to enJoy a Cup!

This is definitely…
coffee with benefits!

What if you and your family and friends really could FIT INTO A SMALLER DRESS/PANT SIZE without changing your habits, by simply doing what you are already doing every day, simply by…

…drinking coffee!

And not the coffee you are already drinking. I’m talking about the delicious, smooth, South American blended gourmet instant coffee from Javita, an exclusive proprietary blend of coffee infused with Garcinia Cambogia extract + Yerba Mate. These 2 herbs are already helping tens of thousands of people reduce their LBS every day.

There are no pills to remember to take or messy shakes to mix and choke down.

This year, why not relax and really enJOY your food over the Holidays – knowing that you are drinking a coffee that is infused with herbs: Garcinia Cambogia along with Yerba Mate, which Dr. Oz believes is the Holy Grail of Weight Loss!

Why not give up the struggle?

reduce your dress size by simply changing your coffee

CLICK here first and then on the ? to watch a short video.

We currently have two Javita coffees, Energy+Mind Javita is our original coffee and Burn+Control Javita is our second product offering.

The Energy+Mind Javita is an effective and delicious way to increase mental alertness, improve memory, improve energy and gain antioxidants which counter health damaging free radicals in our body.

The Burn+Control Javita optimizes use of carbohydrates and helps stop fat accumulation. It also increases energy and helps with appetite control resulting in easy weight loss for most people.


Java = Coffee + Vita = LIFE!

Coffee with Benefits!


You can become a Customer for $45 per box – 24 coffee sticks per box @ 2 coffees a day will = 12 days: remember to compare this to other programs, not to other coffees! Programs like Jenny Craig, Nutrisystem, WeightWatchers, Subway, MediFast, all of which cost ten times this much!

Click the buttons above to get your coffee

Or a better buy is:

Become a Preferred Customer for $70 for two boxes – 24 coffee sticks per box @ 2 coffees a day will = 24 days; or $140 for four boxes with 24 coffee sticks per box @ 2 coffees a day will = 48 days.

OPTIONAL: you can…

– sign up for an Auto-Ship of 2 or 4 boxes as a “Preferred Customer”

– AND you will receive a Customer ID number to give to your friends and family so you can get your coffee for free in the “Get 3&Free” Program.

Click the buttons above to get your choice

Or the best buy is:

You can become a Member for $99 and get two boxes with your Member Starter Pack – 24 coffee sticks per box @ 2 coffees a day will = 24 days, and THEN when you order additional boxes of coffee you will receive 20% SAVINGS by being a Member.


– Virtual Office CD to help you get started referring people

get paid on Personal Customer referrals monthly

Click the picture above

To conclude: You can get your coffee free on the 3&Free program as well as get paid just for sharing information you were going to share anyway!

Reaching out to make a world of difference…

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Mary Reynolds


PS… When you are in check out you will be offered your own free website for your 3&Free program – it’s OPTIONAL – you can leave it blank or simply put your name in like this –> buyjavitacoffee.com/YourName

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