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From the desk of… Mary Robinson Reynolds
Re: How’s your health goals coming for 2014?  Let’s Lighten Up already…

It’s been said that March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb as spring comes in.  It seems like only yesterday that we were setting our new year’s goals … so…

How’s yours coming?

For health and weight, I’m happy to update you on our progress to include that Craig has now dropped 20 lbs (on 2 cups a day) and I’ve dropped 9 lbs (1 cup a day) with our Javita Burn+Control Coffee and Lean+Green Tea.  We are also saving $500+ a month from being able to reduce our medications and nutritional supplements because of the benefits the infused herbs are providing for us.  Plus, we are feeling great AND exceptionally mindful about what we eat, without being miserable.

Yes, there are those who have dropped a lot more lbs, AND the older we get the wiser we’ve become about a few things in life.  After having been in business for ourselves for over twenty years, we know for certain that slow and steady does in fact get you where you want to go – and stay – with your sanity intact.


So, what are you waiting for?  We are regular people just like everybody else, and we are getting healthier, lighter and leaner every month – consistently… JOIN US in getting healthier every day in every way.   We’d love to have you as our customers.

ORDER TODAY at BeHealthyJava.com

THINK 1 YEAR FROM TODAY – What will have changed in your life?

The cost of 1 box of 24 sticks is $35 – and if you are drinking 1 to 2 cups a day – it will take a minimum of 2 boxes to get a 30 day run at this.


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PS … If you are interested in our 3&Free Program you can become a Preferred Customer and as a Preferred Customer of Javita, you receive our best customer pricing – up to 30% off of retail – as well as the convenience of our monthly auto-delivery program.  Javita’s “AutoShip” ensures you’ll never be without your coffee / tea each month – it’s a benefit of being “preferred”!

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