Craig & Mary’s Business Reorganization Story!

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why javita, why now?

When Craig and I first met, we were both single parents and together we became a blended family with three amazing children.  In the early years of our marriage after he was downsized he supported us as a painting and construction business owner.

When lead paint removal methods became required as part of his business he shifted gears and became a long haul truck driver while I worked from home to raise our family, write books and develop programs to bring to educators and parents about how to ReLabel™  their kids so they have the social emotional confidence to absolutely THRIVE in school, home and wherever their lives take them.

When the doors of education didn’t open up wide enough for me to even get my foot in the door twenty+ years ago, I found that the doors to Corporate America did – and in a big way! This was when I shifted out of “more month left at the end of the money school teacher” money mindset and began earning a multiple 6-Figure Income.

I discovered this work to be much more lucrative because corporate employees are not tenured like a very large percentage of the education industry is, most people are much more invested in learning better ways to be highly effective and productive at their jobs and work well with each other.

In speaking and training for the corporate and business audiences teaching my Connecting with Colors Personality Styles as it relates to Team Synergy I quickly realized that most of us are just little kids in big bodies!  Issues that happened in most of our childhoods are still playing out in the workplace and getting in the way of a rich and happy adult life.

In just a two year period I spoke to 20,000 people across the U.S. and I was able to field test my signature technique of how any one can transform Attitudinal Energy in 30 seconds or less by learning how to Re-Label™  themselves as well as their difficult to work with colleagues.

In 2005, Craig was able to join me in our business and his Warton School of Business M.B.A. coupled with his technological genius has supported my life’s work this entire time and together we’ve been making a difference by successfully marketing our moviesbooks and programs on the Internet.

Even though the doors to Education had come back around full circle at that time for me, along with my Business Coaching and Consulting, there is a certain reality to the constant ebb and flow of the economy where we realized that our business owned us instead of us owning it!  

Today I am the author and publisher of 9 Motivational books and 8 UTrain Professional Development Programs that have each received non-stop outreach and promotion for the past decade.

We worked six days a week, 52 weeks of every year for 20+ years, yet we haven’t enjoyed time freedom that long term financial security from our life’s work is meant to bring.

I have been a RainMaker for multi-million dollar companies but never slowed down long enough to consider doing the same for our own business!

When the big shift in the economy happened in 2008, we thought we had come far enough – had been successful long enough – to weather whatever the economy was going to do or not do.

We were wrong!  By 2013 we had done everything we could do within the ONE&DONE DO IT AGAIN business model we had built to stay afloat … and we reached a point where nothing was working anymore.  I invested thousands of dollars in online courses from leading women who had built multi-million dollar businesses during the same time period that our business was barely making it.

I invested in expensive online courses and rigorously applied the systems created by Lisa Sasevich and Kendall Summerhawk, just to name a few.  I did the deal.  I went through each of the programs I invested in more than once.  I ramped up putting it all out there with videos – the whole 9 yards – and barely made enough money to keep going and not just once but over and over trying to find the “nugget” that would get things moving again.

However, these women had built a business model that was not where I felt I was headed. Having been in business for myself for nearly 25 years, what I wanted was passive residual income from my life’s work, and I built the kind of Certification programs that could create that.  And yet, when it was all said and done, I had still inadvertently backed myself into the corner of the ONE&DONE DO IT AGAIN.

ONE&DONE DO IT AGAIN is a business model that means that you go out and work hard to sell your books, programs with the intention of growing your client and customer base.  You serve them once and then you need to find ways to do it again and again and again.

To keep customers/clients coming back for more while you either create a new program, book, product or service while getting out there to keep getting more customers and/or clients.  Then you must do it again and again because you do not have a highly consumable product that people will just buy repeatedly month after month after month.

Which brings immediately to network marketing mindset of the nutritionist I’ve worked with for over twenty years now whose nutritional supplements I still purchase automatically – she is enjoying her retirement on the consumable products that I go online and order for myself – through my membership in her business organization – every single month!

And this folks, is just one of the many GIFTs in our “not making it in our business” anymore!

Another GIFT is that we deepened our spiritual practices – we were MasterMinding daily – and by the true grace of God we were able to keep our home and food on the table.

And another GIFT is that when you have done ALL that you can do, in every way that you’ve learned to do it, working harder by putting in longer hours and you are still getting further and further behind… it is then that someone has to go get a job and you have to figure out how to let go of what was and move into what is!

Which is what my wonderful husband Craig did for us.  He went back to truck driving to support us while I reorganize and streamline our HPP business to now include highly consumable, life changing products into our existing business model to build – at long last –  tangible financial security and time freedom.

Marys 001

He sometimes works as water truck driver for the oil rigs. Here he is this past winter working in North Dakota’s windy, below freezing temperatures.


We are in fact, still trading TIME for DOLLARS as we reorganize our livelihood and our HPP business by reaching out to let everyone we know about what Javita Coffees, Tea and Cocoa can be doing to improve their mental, emotional and physical health.

So now we are FOCUSED SOLELY on working DILIGENTLY ONCE to yield unlimited passive residual income to infinity and beyond!

Did you know that …

More than 200,000 small businesses vanished between early 2008 and 2010 — a period covering the Great Recession and its immediate aftermath — taking with them in excess of 3 million jobs, according to Census figures which illustrate the depth of the country’s economic hole.

Data is only available until 2010, but the U.S. Census Bureau stats reveal a startling slide for America’s businesses. While the country boasted 5.14 million firms with up to 99 employees as of March 2008, that number dropped to 4.92 million by March 2010 – representing a loss of roughly 223,800 businesses and 3.1 million workers.

We – like you have heart centered, purpose driven WHYs.  

Not only have we brought in Javita’s 5 nutritionally healing coffees, teas and cocoa into our business to get Craig back home with me, we intend to be able to travel to see our 9 other WHYs …

final 4

own your life!

So, grab a cup of coffee, tea or cocoa and learn all you can about what Javita can mean for your life and livelihood on these webpages we’ve added; and then go ahead and just place your order and/or give us a call here at HPP – Heart Productions & Publishing (603-382-8848) or email us at so we can answer your questions about how to get these products for free and how you can build a Plan B that replaces your Plan A!

We’d love for you to join us in the never ending search for the best within ourselves as we all get healthier, happier and financially free with Javita!

When can we have virtual coffee together? 


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