Drum roll please…

Drum roll please….

In just the first 2 weeks of drinking Javita Burn+Control Weight Loss Coffee -as of yesterday – my husband Craig has already lost 6 lbs and reduced:
Chest down – 2″
Belly down – 2″
Beltline down -.5″

I have lost 3 lbs and have reduced:
Bust down – 1″
Waist down -.5″
Hips down -.5″
Thigh up +.5″ (creating muscle)
Arm down – 1″

All this after not being able to get my weight to budge for 15 years – even with commitments to exercising daily and really healthy eating with portion control (only foods on the outer aisles of the grocery store!)

You Are Not Depriving Yourself of Anything

My taste buds are having fun. I’m having fun. It’s all fun!

Drinking Javita Coffee is a very great way to enJOY Christmas this year; to come together drink coffee, gab and party! Drinking this coffee is definitely geared to what people enjoy doing together AND getting to drop those unnecessary LBS over the holidays instead of gaining them this year!

What a THRILL this is.

I’m so surprised that I’m not even missing certain foods. I am still enJOYing my fun Christmasy foods – I just seem want to stop – I am feeling full and sooooooo satisfied so much earlier!

I’ve also noticed that everything TASTES so much better too!

Just sayin’ you don’t have to wait until Christmas is over – thinking that you won’t get to enjoy all of the fun foods – you can just enjoy them BETTER!

What if you and your family and friends really could FIT INTO A SMALLER DRESS OR PANTS SIZE without changing your habits, by simply doing what you are already doing every day, simply by…

…drinking coffee!

And not the coffee you are already drinking. I’m talking about the delicious, smooth, South American blended gourmet instant coffee from Javita, an exclusive proprietary blend of coffee infused with herbs, herbs that are already helping tens of thousands of people reduce their LBS every day.

There are no pills to remember to take or messy shakes to mix and choke down.

This year, why not relax and really enJOY your food over the Holidays – knowing that you are drinking a coffee that is infused with herbs: Garcinia Cambogia along with Yerba Mate, which Dr. Oz says is the

Why not give up the struggle?

CLICK here first and then on the ? to watch a short video.

Amazing NEW successes coming in everyday with phenomenal health benefits:

Another story of triumph and transformation…

Not only has Mark dropped 46 lbs (from 276 lbs to 230 lbs), he’s off of some of his medication for Type 2 diabetes.

Isn’t it time you switched your coffee? Discover what you gain when you lose with Javita burn+control!!

– with Julie Grove-Fry and Mark Fry.

Another life transformed and family healed through the power of Javita. Check out this heartfelt note from a very grateful son…

“Javita has helped change the lives of so many people I care about! I love my mom and she loves her big Mikey:) When I found out she had diabetes, I was so mad. I always thought no one in my family would get that, boy was I wrong. After seeing her poke her hand and go into some episodes, I would kneel at the head of her bed crying and praying that the Lord Jesus deliver unto me something that would help my mom. A couple months go by, and Javita drops like a bomb on me. As I’m writing this to you people, I am in tears, not tears of sorrow but tears of joy:) Javita has helped my mom off of her meds. I’m so happy! It has also lowered her cholesterol. I will talk about this wonderful weight loss coffee the rest of my life! Thank you God for allowing javita to be made! I love you mom andI love my javita family too!” ~Michael – with Michael Carnell.

Just how fast can Javita go to work for you?? Consider Alesia’s results after drinking Javita for only one month…

“I have lost a total of 10 lbs and I’m down 11 inches. The first 2 weeks of the diet, I was walking every day and eating fairly healthy and drinking 1 cup of Burn & control a day. The 3rd week, I got sick ate hot soup & drank hot fluids and the 4th week I didn’t eat well due to Thanksgiving. In the photos, I am not wearing any spanx or support at all LOL. The 3rd and 4th week I did up my coffee consumption to 2 of the Burn & Control a day. I’m amazed to see how incredible my results have been, and looking forward to next month’s results!” ~Alesia


You can become a Customer for $45 per box – remember to compare this to other programs, not to other coffees! Programs like Jenny Craig, Nutrisystem, WeightWatchers, Subway, Medifast, all of which cost ten times this much!

Or a better buy is:

Become a Preferred Customer for $70 for two boxes or $140 for four
– sign up for an Auto-Ship of 2 or 4 boxes as a “Preferred Customer”
– AND you will receive a Customer ID number to give to your friends and family so you can get your coffee for free in the “Get 3&Free” Program.

Or the best buy is:

You can become a Member for $99 and get two boxes PLUS:
– Virtual Office CD to help you get started referring people
– get paid on Personal Customer referrals monthly

Think of it this way: AS you being to release those unnecessary excess LBS people will begin to notice and they will ask you, “What you’ve been doing?” and you will say, “I’ve been drinking Javita Burn+Control Coffee and that’s all.”

Then they will say, “Where can I get some?” …and You will happily give them YOUR website address (that you got instantly when you paid for your membership) and they will go to YOUR website and buy their own Javita.

To conclude: You can get your coffee free on the 3&Free program as well as get paid just for sharing information you were going to share anyway!

Reaching out to make a world of difference…
Mary Reynolds

Heart Productions & Publishing, Greater Boston Area, 603-382-8848

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