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Unlike other coffees Javita’s Energy+Mind Coffee infuses a potent blend of green tea, gotu kola and bacopa monnieri herbal extracts into their coffee to provide maximum health benefits. People all over the world are raving about how they feel after drinking Javita regularly!

Green Tea originated in China and is made from the leaves of the Camellia Sinensis plant. It has been the subject of many scientific and medical studies and there is evidence that suggests regular green tea drinkers have lower chances of developing heart disease and some types of cancer. Green tea has powerful antioxidant properties and is high in flavonoids, both of which have very positive effects on health. Green tea may also have a positive effect on blood pressure, cholesterol and brain cells.

Bacopa Monnieri (also called Brahmi or Water Hyssop) is an Ayurvedic herb with a long and proven history of health benefits. It is said to enhance cognitive ability and is used to consecrate newborns in India to “open the gateway of intelligence.” Laboratory studies show it may improve memory and intellectual activity and it is also a powerful antioxidant which helps our bodies neutralize free radicals. Bacopa can also have a positive effect on anxiety.

Gotu Kola is a type of parsley and is a staple of Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine which use Gotu Kola to help heal skin conditions, treat asthma, fever, stomach ulcers and provide mental stimulation. Scientific and medical studies also suggest Gotu Kola can help boost the memory and has a positive effect on anxiety and depression.

Do you suffer from bright shiny object syndrome?


In today’s fast-paced, high-tech, bright-shiny-object world the lack of time, energy, focus and attention experiences are close to home for most people. But getting your FOCUS back can be as easy as drinking Energy&Mind Coffee and/or FocusFusion Cocoa.

Now you can….

own your life
in an High-Tech, Fast-Paced, Bright-Shiny-Object WORLD


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Take our 24 Day Feel Better Do Better Challenge!

There are 24 sticks per box which will give you 1 cup a day to determine how this is improving your life experience.  We all know people that feel better, do better … you just don’t have to struggle anymore with the every day demands that maybe you or your loved ones are de-energized by.

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• 96 Total Cups of Coffee
• $1.25 per cup


• 2 Boxes of Energy + Mind
• 24 Sticks of Coffee per box
• 48 Total Cups of Coffee
• $1.46 per cup


• 1 Boxes of Energy + Mind
• 24 Sticks of Coffee per box
• 24 Total Cups of Coffee
• $1.46 per cup


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Here are just a few of the many success experiences coming in daily from the herbal infusion of a potent blend of
Green Tea, Bacopa Monnieri and Gotu Kola in our Energy&Mind Coffee… so we can Make a Positive Difference in the lives of MORE CHILDREN and ADULTS suffering with depression, angst, ADD/ADHD and a multitude of other chronic health and well-being experiences.

Here is just a few of the success stories about positive life changes happening for families from just changing their coffee now available to drink daily:

Hello, my name is Dorothy, I am 79 years old and a recent stroke survivor.  I suffer right side weakness as a result of the stroke and walk with the aid of a cane.  I am thankful to be able to get around but would get very tired and sleepy during the day and had no energy to do basic house keeping.

I was introduced to Javita Energy+Mind Coffee and had remarkable results the very first day. I had so much energy that for the first time in many months I was able to mop the floor and do laundry that same day without feeling achy and totally worn out.  It also helped with memory recall as I did suffer lapses also as a result of the stroke.

Dorothy Dixon 1 I have been on Energy+Mind Coffee every since and added the Focus Fusion Cocoa as well.  I have the coffee every morning and the cocoa every evening.  I also notice better quality sleep at nights with my routine. These products are like my life blood and I never want to be without them as they have helped me so much in my recovery.  If this information can be of help to someone else so be it.

Thank you Javita for providing such fantatic products to help people such as myself live a more productive life.

Dorothy D. Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Javita has helped me to face life’s challenges head on, and has given me the opportunity to create a better life for my family.

Let this serve as a reminder that what you offer when you share Javita with others is so much more than a flavorful morning cup. As you read this incredible note from Kristin, make sure to take an extra second to “SHARE” her journey with others. Too many suffer everyday trying desperately to overcome ADD. Please allow this heartfelt note to offer hope that natural remedies do exist where you might last expect them …

“I am a Special Education Paraprofessional, full-time college student, wife, mommy, and competitive cheer mom. During the day I am responsible for helping little ones overcome obstacles physically, emotionally and mentally. All while I battle myself. At night I struggle, balancing bedtime stories and baths and term papers.

I am running non stop, and a few who know me know I have ADD and always have. It’s not something adults are supposed to admit to it have, something we should just ‘grow out of’. It is like having 10 browser windows open at once. All the time. Keeping your mind set on one thing is extremely difficult, because you’re always jumping to another thing. Doing everything, but finishing nothing.

Kristin M

My teacher friend gave me my first cup of coffee, and it changed my mornings, my days, my personal strategies for completing my days effectively.

It is HUGE for me. My focus and my energy are on point, and I don’t feel like I’m constantly running in circles anymore. Anyone with an Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) would understand that is not something you think you’ll ever feel. Anxiety constantly. I am so excited to say that this isn’t my battle anymore!!!!! I cannot say with enough excitement how much I appreciate this product.

I am finally in control of my day instead of my days controlling me. Being more organized and mentally clear have made me a better mommy and wife. That is huge to me, and means the world to my family who DESERVE the world, and deserve a mommy who effectively runs her household. I’m 4 months HAPPY with Javita products. I didn’t want to take medication anymore as an adult, so finding a non-chemical dependent solution has been life changing. Thank you Javita, and thank you Melissa for caring enough about me to give me my first cup of a new life!!” ~Kristin M.

The phase “Changing Lives” aren’t just words to us. They fill us with purpose, ground us in a mission and offer us a mantra every day to go out into the world and share Javita with others. You never know who needs what you have to offer. Who might be suffering in silence. It only takes a second to click “share” but the hope you can offer is endless. Consider this heartfelt, inspiring note from Misty…

“My name is Misty Tharp and I’m a wife and mother of 2 little girls. When my last baby was born I suffered with Postpartum Depression. She is now 4 years old and over the last 4 years the depression has cycled and ruled my life. I’ve tried everything under the sun to fix myself and never felt normal or like “me.” In June of this year I started drinking both kinds of JAVITA coffee.

Misty TI immediately noticed I had more energy, which I needed, but within a few days I felt more balanced. I felt like I had mental clarity and ZERO brain fog.

I was getting out of bed and doing the things that needed to be done AND feeling alert. I FEEL like my old self. I was certain I’d have to battle depression for the rest of my life. Since drinking my daily cup of coffee, I no longer have any symptoms of depression. I’m so thankful and blessed. I finally have my life back” ~Misty T.
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Two yea22290_10206206673902352_3422725073658398729_nrs ago, my husband was diagnosed with a terminal illness.

When I found out, I decided that I was going to live each day positively and take care of my husband the best I could.

Javita’s Energy+Mind has given me the resources to make this journey a little easier for my husband, family and myself.  Al noticed he was more coherent and had clearer thinking overall using the Energy+Mind. When he uses other coffee, he notices the difference immediately.11828582_10206909400790085_4290513910592314784_n

You can think you have your life all planned out, but in an instant something dramatic can happen that will change your life forever.

You have to be prepared!

what you may not knowJPG

“My husband, Jóseth, has severe adult ADD/ADHD.  So severe, we almost thought he would need to go on disability for it.


When it was real bad, he wouldn’t be able to decide what he wanted to eat off a menu, he would drive through stop signs and lights, he just could not function.  He had difficulty keeping a steady job and really could not be depended on in that way.

We tried everything to help him.  Pharmaceuticals made him not eat at all. We changed diet, did all kinds of detoxing and supplements, even through all of that, he was struggling, barely keeping his head above water.  We could have no warning when he would derail.  He was so frustrated that the everyday things were so difficult for him.  I did not know if our marriage would make it.

Coffee was one of those things that made it worse, we tried every top organic coffee out there, and he just had to give it up for his safety and our family’s safety.  He was so sad to not be allowed coffee.

A friend told us about Javita Energy+Mind and so we ordered a box.  Jóseth seemed to not derail on it, so we had him stay on it. He said it felt like part of his brain came on and was a live again.  So we had him stay on it.

Within just a few months, he went from a struggling as an average employee at work, to being number one.  Last month, he achieved his monthly quota before the first week of the month was over.  He also recently achieved something he has never achieved in all of our marriage, and that is holding down a job for a year straight.  He’s winning all these awards at work, he’s also up for a promotion in a few months.  His co-workers are asking him, how are you doing all this?  And he just says, it’s my Javita Energy+Mind.  Do you want any?

Well, a few weeks ago, we actually ran out of the Energy+Mind for a whole week and he just completely unraveled in a week’s time.  It was bad.  Sometimes you don’t realize how much something is helping until you run out. He got back on it and went right back to his beautiful self.

If you had told me his salvation would come in a coffee, I would have LAUGHED at you.  But Javita coffee is changing our lives.  It has saved our marriage.  It has given me my beautiful husband I knew was trapped in there somewhere.

We have a deal now, that for the sake of the entire family, we won’t ever run low on Energy+Mind coffee every again.  It is amazing that something so simple has transformed an entire family, a marriage.  I thank God every day for bringing Javita Energy+Mind into our lives.
– Cherieann

“My son was diagnosed with ADHD and a learning disability at age of 5. He is now 10. The everyday struggles of a parent from homework to almost EVERY minute calling out his name, telling him to ‘please calm down’, ‘please don’t do that’, and ‘please be quiet’ are already part of our daily lives.






 ADD ADHD boysGabby

But this is not all – your health is truly your wealth 
and people who FEEL BETTER, DO BETTER!

Angelica Jen Nurse Nedy

Valerie McBean

Life isn’t always a barrel of laughs, especially for someone who suffers from anxiety and depression. Thankfully, it is Emma who is enjoying the last laugh and has a new reason to smile thanks to her delicious cup of Javita. Check out her Emma’s story below:

“I have suffered with depression and anxiety for nearly 5 years. It has always been a daily struggle to even get out of bed. I had no energy, feared the outside world and rarely ate. I soon developed anorexia too. Becoming pregnant helped me turn my anorexia around, but I still struggled to get through my day. I had little to no focus, terrible memory and a lack of energy.

Emma B

Two months ago, I changed my coffee. Now I am racing to get out the door each day even when it is raining. I run out of THINGS TO DO do each day rather than the ENERGY OR HOURS to get them done. My smile is real and I am enjoying life again, MEDICATION FREE. Best of all, instead of having an anxiety attack EVERY FEW DAYS, it has now been TWO MONTHS between attacks!

AND, I’m also losing the stubborn baby weight that I just couldn’t shed!” ~Emma B.

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Jennifer 1 Jennifer 2


edward 2

Checkout this incredible note from a very proud mom regarding her daughter Laci Lee who’s ready to take on life and junior high thanks in part to her morning cup of Javita energy+mind.

“My daughter Laci Lee was diagnosed with ADD in May 2012 @ the age of 10. She has struggled her whole life in school. She never could grasp anything that the other kids could. We had numerous test done but they never found anything wrong, because she was quiet and not loud and crazy. Doctors started her on prescription meds, as while it seemed Krystal dto work for a bit, she started to zone out again. The more they increased the meds the more she turned into a walking zombie not to mention she had no appetite. I really didn’t like what it was doing to her AND she had NO AMBITION for life.

Summer 2013, I completely took her off the meds and figured we just needed to learn to deal with it. October 18, 2013…Laci had her 1st 1/2 cup of Javita, 3 times a week. I remember the first day: she came home from school went straight into her room (wasn’t told), did her homework (3 pages) and was done in like 2 hours, which normally took her 5 hours.

As the week went by, I would ask her “did you get you homework done?” (it was always a chore) and she would respond so proudly “yes mom.” I was shocked and in disbelief and she would show me, and it was done, complete and correct.

Now she is off to junior high and I knew she was going to be ok, she is ready now to move on and grab life by the horns. Laci has become so strong, independent, responsible, confident and secure in who she is.” ~Krystal D


shauna C

Energy + Mind Herb Bacopa Monnieri Considered Future Candidate for Chronic Pain Management

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Coffee can help ease chronic pain? 

It can if it’s infused with Ayurvedic herb Bacopa Monnieri.

Check out this recent abstract from Current Medical Chemistry:

Chronic pain management costs billions of dollars in medical exchequer to the world population. Additionally, 77% of people with chronic pains also have a degree of medically treatable depression. Bacopa monnieri, a renowned ayurvedic medicine has a strong antidepressant effect and significant anti-nociceptive effect, which is comparable to the effect of morphine via adenosinergic, opioidergic, and adrenergic mechanisms. BM has been also reported to be effective in neuropathic pains. Additionally, it has a strong anti-inflammatory effect mediated via COX-2 inhibitory mechanism.

Apart from its effect of augmenting morphine analgesia, BM also inhibits opioid-withdrawal induced hyperalgesia, and acquisition and expression of morphine tolerance. BM is reported to have a strong protective effect against toxic effects of opiates on major organs like brain, kidneys and heart. BM is well documented to be safe and well tolerated herbal therapy in multiple clinical trials including various age groups. This mini review evaluated the preclinical data that highlights potential of BM as a future candidate for clinical management of chronic pains.

coffee is healthyJPG

now you can
own your life in a fast-paced,
high-tech, bright-shiny-object world


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