The Fastest Way to Recession Proof Your Business



reduce your dress size by simply changing your coffee

Here are the SIMPLE 3-Steps to Recession-Proof Your Business & Your Life

STEP 1: Invest as a Business Member (14 boxes) or Business Elite Member (34 boxes – best buy) under your name OR your business name

ORDER Javita Burn+Control and Energy+Mind Coffee ASAP and get ready to have it FLY OFF YOUR SHELVES!

ORDER enough additional coffee at Member discount prices to well stock your store through the holidays. As soon as you become a member, you will enjoy the deepest discount prices on the products.

ORDER your store’s business cards with your new Javita website address for customers re-ordering:

STEP 2: Get your display set up and simply offer a cup of coffee to every customer that comes in to shop. Ask them if they want to sample theBurn+Control or the Energy+Mind.

Have the boxes of coffee available for purchase with photos of BEFORE & AFTERson the display table that we will send you to get printed up when you become a member.

STEP 3: [OPTIONAL] You can let your employees know NOW (or after the holidays) how they can be a part of the Javita Coffee profit share with your store – which is entirely optional – as it requires 3 Steps for each employee to take: 1) make their own personal investment and become a Javita Member at the $99 level2) sign up for AutoShip for 2 boxes of coffee each month and create their OWN Website Address (which they receive immediately upon investing in their membership)
*as shown in this graphic*…

AND 3) they will need to purchase their own business cards with their OWNwebsite address to insert in the boxes of coffee that they are responsible for selling at the store.

**Your STORE will be responsible to supply all of the Javita Coffee for sale and the coffee sales are simply processed as a regular store sale – AND the customer will be given the business card of the employee who sold the Javita Coffee to them with THE EMPLOYEE’s website address to reorder the coffee when they want and employee will start receiving up to $5 per box.**

What employees receive from this is three-fold: 1) They receive additional income from your store’s walk-in traffic; 2) they can reach out and let their family and friends know and receive income from their purchases, and 3) they can build a business for themselves that supports them. It’s a win/win and all employee sales flow up to your store.

Yes, one day, you will need to hire new employees – but you have something to offer that other businesses don’t, so people will want to work for you, knowing their efforts are being financially rewarded.

For the employee to be eligible for the Star Bonus and the BMW Car Bonus, they will need to eventually invest in the $499 Business Pack or $999 Business Elite Pack, and this is all explained in video training at: .

IF the employee does not want to participate in promoting Javita on their shifts, they will simply insert the business card of YOUR STORE with YOUR STORE’swebsite address on it into each box that is sold.

At the time of the purchase, each customer will be told that they can come back to the store when they run out OR they can simply re-order online when they are ready and they are then shown your store’s business card in the side of the box at that time.

TIME is of the essence to get the COFFEE on the SHELVES for Christmas and New Years!

Please call us and schedule a time when we can walk you through this at: 800-639-8191

Dr. Oz calls Garcinia Cambogia the Holy Grail of LBS reduction.

In an article in Woman’s World Magazine, January 21, 2013, Dr. Oz reveals that Garcinia Cambogia is an all natural supplement that will make you skinner, happier, less tired and melt off as much as 8 lbs a week for some people. It converts fat into energy, reduces appetite and boosts happiness hormones.

The article quotes Dr. Oz as saying that this might be the most exciting breakthrough to date, and he’s not kidding.

There is now solid evidence that those who take Garcinia Cambogia extract stand to lose 200-300% more weight than those who don’t.

In translation he explains, “Instead of say losing 15 lbs on your New Year’s health goals, add Garcinia Cambogia extract to the mix and expect to dump 30 – even 45 lbs” – so this is really exciting, because with Javita Coffee, there’s no more pills or protein drinks to choke down!

reduce your dress size by simply changing your coffee

Give up the struggle! Watch how:

We wake up to it, do business over it and relax with it over a good meal to the tune of more than two billion cups worldwide each day. Tall or short, hot or cold, with cream & sugar or simply black, there’s no denying the power of a great-tasting cup of coffee. It gives you energy, helps you think and and can now help you reduce lbs and inches.

Created by coffee lovers for coffee lovers, Javita understands what you want (and expect) from your coffee, which is why ours offers you MORE energy and stamina, plus we’ve infused some herbs (yerba mate and garcinia cambogia) so it doesn’t just taste great, it’s great for your waistline too!*

With a history of use that dates back to the 16th century, these herbs are now held in high regard for their ability to help shed lbs by jump-starting your body’s natural energy-generation abilities and metabolism (yerba mate) and exercise better portion and appetite control over your cravings (garcinia cambogia).*

Our Coffee (burn + control) is infused with
Garcinia Cambogia + Yerba Mate

We start with estate-grown South American Arabica and Robusta coffee beans, picked at the peak of ripeness, expertly blended and slow roasted to preserve the delicate flavors and aromas.

With the roasting complete, the beans are finely ground and processed to the top mixing and solubility standards for a premium instant coffee.

Our coffee is then blended with a proprietary mix of “burn + control” herbs and packaged in individual serving stick packs! It has taken us a long time to perfect this process, and the smooth, rich flavors, delicate notes and freshness will prove it!

All you have to do is add water to enjoy the perfect cup of coffee – instant empowerment!


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