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Your entire family will love this as chocolate milk and hot chocolate.  Score one for a healthy childhood, adulthood and LIFE!


The Science Behind the Success of FocusFusion Cocoa

The Science Behind the Success of FocusFusion Cocoa

If ever there was a trifecta, the perfect fusion of science and Mother Nature it’s right here in FocusFusion Cocoa.

Premium European chocolate (with all it’s nutrients isolated, bitterness stripped away and pH preserved to ensure dissolvability), herbs gently harvested and perfectly paired to ensure and micronized to ensure maximum efficacy.

So what’s the secret to its profound impact on your health?

Flavanols May Be the Key…

Researchers suspect that cocoa’s cognitive cachet can be credited to flavanols. These naturally occurring antioxidants—found in foods including cocoa, red wine and tea—are already credited with offering protection against high blood pressure and risk of heart attack or stroke.

“We know that eating foods rich in flavanols is part of a healthy diet,” says Rachel Johnson, PhD, professor of nutrition at University of Vermont. “If people want to add more flavonols to their diet, chocolate is one option.”Another report presented at the annual meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science Energy Research, suggests that flavanols in antioxidant-rich cocoa may have the potential to help maintain healthy brain function and could lead to new solutions for preventing cognitive decline and dementia.

Focus on Mental Focus
Billions of coffee and cocoa lovers around the world reach for their morning cup to help jumpstart their day, and their brain in the process.

With that goal in mind, we’ve infused the brain supportive herbs Bacopa Monnieri and Gotu Kola in each cup of FocusFusion Cocoa so you can enjoy the laser sharp focus of Energy + Mind Coffee without the caffeine.

Why Bacopa Monnieri?

It has a long history of use as a popular brain tonic to increased mental clarity, improved mental and brain functions, enhance clear thinking and support learning and memory.  The bacosides (saponins) in Bacopa appear to play a protective role in the synaptic functions of the nerves of the hippocampus, the seat of memory.

Nerve impulses are transmitted across the synapses (the gap between the neurons, over which impulses lead to their learning), and their degeneration is believed to contribute to impaired memory and cognition.

Use of Bacopa is thus thought to improve learning skills and impaired memory.

Additional brain effects of Bacopa demonstrated in lab research include reduction of both anxiety and depression.

Biochemically, these nervous system effects have been attributed to an enhancement of the effects of the neurotransmitters acetylcholine and, possibly serotonin or GABA.

So what is it about this perennial creeping plant that has neurologist so excited? Perhaps it’s the purported retention qualities exhibited during a double-blind randomized placebo controlled research study in Australia at the University of Woolongong. Or the decreased rate of forgetting or newly acquired information, verbal learning rate and memory consolidation observed during a similar study reported in Neuropsychopharmachology.

Sharpen Up

Just like Energy&Mind Coffee, FocusFusion Cocoa has been formulated to include a health dose of the herb centella asiatica (or gotu kola) to add something your tall hot chocolate from Starbuck’s will never provide, mental clarity.

Why Gotu Kola?

It has been used as a medicinal herb for thousands of years in India, China and Indonesia to improve mental clarity.

In fact, so much so that it is frequently referred to as “food for the brain.” This oriental herb has demonstrated mild tranquilizing, anti-anxiety and anti-stress effects, as well as improving mental functions such as concentration and memory.

It has a calming effect on the body and is chiefly used to support the central nervous system.

These beneficial qualities offer some hope for those who have challenges focusing, as the herb has demonstrated the ability to have a soothing and relaxing effect on an overactive nervous system.

As a brain tonic, gotu kola is said to aid intelligence, concentration and memory. It is said to combat stress and depression, energize flagging mental powers, increase libido, ward off a nervous breakdown and improve reflexes. It energizes the central nervous system and rebuilds energy reserves.

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There are 18 sticks per box which will give you 1 cup a day to determine how this is improving your life experience.  We all know people that feel better, do better … you just don’t have to struggle anymore with the every day demands that maybe you or your loved ones are de-energized by.

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Success stories come in all shapes and sizes.  We can’t help but smile over this note from a very proud mom regarding her son Nigel. 

Nigel a

“How many A’s do you see? Not only is my son doing GREAT academically, he also lost excess weight! Thank you Javita FocusFusion Cocoa. I am one happy and very proud Mom!”

We want to share with you an incredibly powerful FocusFusion Cocoa testimonial (regarding a 6-year-old girl) from a very grateful mother. This is one story that needs to be heard and shared.

“I wanted to take a minute to share about the difference the FocusFusion cocoa has made for my sweet 6-year-old daughter. She started having anxiety in kindergarten. As she moved to 1st grade this year, it only got worse. She’s very bright, but very hard on herself. Anything she didn’t get right the first time, from a math problem to a sight word, would cause frustration, a meltdown, and tears.

As a fellow teacher, and mom, I was very concerned. I went to her teacher at the beginning of September. What she told me broke my heart. She told me my sweet baby took her math test with her head in her hands and then her hands balled into fists. Before the test was over, she was crying. Her teacher said, “We’ve got to do something, Melissa. She can’t go through 1st grade like this.” I left the meeting crying. I KNEW my daughter knew the material, but her anxiety was so overwhelming, she couldn’t perform. She was making a 72 in math when I KNEW she knew the material.

I called one of my best friends and mentor, Misty T., and was so upset. I told her what was going on and that I absolutely could not stand the thought of putting my child on medication at such a young age, but I couldn’t stand the thought of her struggling through school and what the anxiety was doing to her body either. She suggested FocusFusion Cocoa. I immediately ordered a box and she was kind enough to loan me some packs until my order arrived.


Within 2 days, my daughter was a brand new child. She told me, “Mama, I think that cocoa really helped me. I didn’t feel upset or cry at all!” We had parent-teacher conferences last week. Now I could cry happy tears! I asked her teacher about it and she told me she has not had ONE meltdown since we started the cocoa.

I’m happy to report that she’s confident in other areas as well. Her teacher at church told me she has seen such a confidence change in her. Her dance teacher stopped me and told me what a change she’s seen in her. She’s more focused and knows what’s going on, no matter how chaotic it gets with all those other little girls in the room.

And her school work? She’s reading 2nd grade level books…and her math grade is now a 91%! I’m now crying happy tears. I don’t have to put my baby on medication or watch her suffer with anxiety. I am so very thankful for this company and it’s life changing products!!”

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A poignant reminder that the lives we touch and futures we change come in all shapes, sizes and ages.

“My son Abry does not have ADHD. I only wanted him to improve his focus and concentration, that’s why we tried this amazing European Chocolate Drink FocusFusion from the US with herbs for focus and concentration.


To my delight, I noticed his mood is balanced. Less or no tantrums (THREE DAYS IN A ROW!!). No crying about superficial things. He’s more loving and caring of his younger brother Bryle than he was previously.

He volunteers to clean his mess and toys which he rarely did before.

He was able to play a simple nursery rhyme on his toy xylophone after showing him once how to play it (this might not be very remarkable to people who does not know my son, but it is for me).

I’ve been teaching him that for a long time, though I didn’t push it much because he would always say ‘I can’t’, ‘I don’t know how’, and would throw a tantrum when he didn’t get it. The next day, he was playing the whole song.

Some people might say that this behavior is typical, but not in my house—not for Abry. I am thankful that there are healthy products that can help mothers in bringing up their happy, healthy and positive kids. smile emoticon” ~Aizh C.

Nothing better than making believers out of skeptics, especially when the results turn their lives around…

“First off, let me just start out by saying, I am not the type of person who can easily be talked into buying a product with ‘amazing benefits’. I’ll be honest, I was skeptical about Javita products.

With that being said, I’d love to share my testimony with all of u.

For the last year or so, I’ve been struggling with anxiety. I’d stay awake all night with tons of things racing through my mind. I was stressing out over every little thing. I couldn’t sleep whatsoever. I was lucky if I got at least three hours sleep a night! Minor things would make me so nervous. I would feel like I couldn’t breathe or like my heart was going to literally beat out of my chest.


It got so bad, to the point it started affecting my job. I couldn’t stay focused on my work. I was constantly asking my customers to repeat themselves. I was unable to retain any information when we would have training. I felt like I didn’t care about anything while I was there. To make matters worse I was waking up late every single day. I even took a work-at-home position because if I woke up late at least I didn’t have to ready.

Needless to say, I was at risk of losing my only source of income. I just didn’t feel normal. Some of my friends who are currently on ADD meds told me to see a Dr. That I had the same “problem” they did. (I refuse to take medication) the other half of my friends just thought I was “lazy”. I was seriously on the verge of mental melt down.

That’s when Misty introduced me to FocusFusion Cocoa . Within just a few weeks, this cocoa had transformed my life! The ‘fog’ is completely gone & it hasn’t came back!! I actually enjoy going work again!!! Lol I’m going out with my friends again! I don’t stress out over every microscopic thing. I am waking up refreshed and even before my alarm goes off!

I know this is crazy to say, but this product not only helped me, it saved my job.. My relationship…And it saved my life! I am so eager to share this with everyone! Javita is truly a blessing” ~Kaci M.

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WOW!!! This is one of the most powerful “Changing Lives” story we have every received. No words can describe how humbled we felt when reading it or how proud we are to share it with you. The results are true, the person is real and the hope Katie shares is genuine. It’s a lengthy read, but more than worth your time.

“For the last four years I have struggled tremendously with my health. I have had eight concussions that have all occurred since I was 15-years old. I developed a chronic illness called Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS) which basically means that my autonomic nervous system is not running properly. POTS has taken over my life along with the chronic migraines, anxiety, depression, and ADHD. I fainted nearly twice a week while I was in high school because my blood vessels are so enlarged that my blood wouldn’t reach my brain fast enough when I stood up. I lost my ability to play any kind of sports and I lost a lot of people who I once thought were my friends. If you look at my attendance record from high school, I missed more days than I attended. I went into high school thinking that I had it all, but I left knowing that I lost one of the two things money cannot buy; my health. The only thing I had left was time and we all know that time is no guarantee.

I have been on several medications since the time of my first few concussions. I took Xanax, Wellbutrin, Methylphenidate, Gabapentin, Zoloft, and a series of twenty-five Botox injections in my head every three months. The hardcore medication list is one thing, but the Botox injections was just a symbol of how miserable I was. I felt as if I was in a prison inside of my own body. I wasn’t living – I was just going through the motions. When other kids my age were laughing and hanging out with friends on the weekends, I was in bed at home and only getting up to go to the bathroom. I couldn’t even eat dinner with my family. I lost so much of my independence. It was torture. I lost all hope of ever regaining my health.

However, just over a month ago, my mom and I went down to Minneapolis, MN – from our home in Bemidji, MN – to go stay with my Aunt Jackie. When we arrived there was what seemed to be a party going on. I attended my first Javita Party without even knowing it. I saw my cousin, Ross and my Uncle Doryal, but the rest of the faces were strangers to me. When I was introduced to Kimon Lee, however, it felt like I had known the guy forever. I instantly felt comfortable with him and was able to share a little bit of my story with him. Within seconds he had me on the phone with a friend of his in Albuquerque, NM who had suffered from migraines and when I listened to her voice, I could tell she had experienced the pain the migraines bring forth. When I heard her say “Katie, I haven’t had one migraine since February 2015…” I was speechless. I couldn’t remember what is was like to not have a headache let alone not having a migraine. After we hung up the phone, I told Kimon “I need to try some of this Javita stuff.” My Aunt made me a cup of the FocusFusion Cocoa because I wasn’t a coffee drinker. I had one sip and fell in love with the taste. I had no idea that this first cup of cocoa was just the first step to getting my life back.

KatieSince that day that I had the FocusFusion Cocoa for the first time I have experienced what I thought I never would; a complete recovery. I have not had one migraine since starting on Javita. I am completely off of my Xanax and down to taking 900 mg of Gabapentin daily when I was originally taking 2100 mg daily. My doctor and I are planning on weaning me off of more medication as well. My ADHD has improved significantly – so much so that I have gotten A’s on my last couple of Math exams, which is a pretty big deal considering I have gotten a B on every Math test since my first concussion. My family has found relief from the stress of having an ill daughter and sister. My boyfriend has been able to take me out to dinner instead of bringing dinner to me. Javita gave me my life back. Javita has changed my life and now the only problem I have encountered is having to remind myself that I don’t have to sit in bed all day because I feel better. I got so used to this routine of being sick that I forgot how to be healthy, but hey, if that is my worst problem, I’ll take it.

The FocusFusion Cocoa is what I started drinking, but now I am having everything – even the coffee. I just finished my first semester at Bemidji State University and I am feeling better and better every day. If you would have told me that cocoa or coffee would change my life I would have laughed in your face, but now I believe in Javita with all of my heart. I never thought this day would come. Javita has given me what I had once lost – hope. “

FocusFusion Cocoa truly helps people of all ages with a large range of health experiences going on.  One of my all time favorites success stories comes from my friends’ mother …

Hello, my name is Dorothy, I am 79 years old and a recent stroke survivor.  I suffer right side weakness as a result of the stroke and walk with the aid of a cane.  I am thankful to be able to get around but would get very tired and sleepy during the day and had no energy to do basic house keeping.

I was introduced to Javita Energy+Mind coffee and had remarkable rDorothy Dixon 1esults the very first day. I had so much energy that for the first time in many months I was able to mop the floor and do laundry that same day without feeling achy and totally worn out.  It also helped with memory recall as I did suffer lapses also as a result of the stroke.

I have been on Javita Energy+Mind coffee every since and added the Javita Focus Fusion Cocoa as well.  I have the coffee every morning and the cocoa every evening.  I also notice better quality sleep at nights with my routine. These products are like my life blood and I never want to be without them as they have helped me so much in my recovery.  If this information can be of help to someone else so be it.

Thank you Javita for providing such fantatic products to help people such as myself live a more productive life.

Dorothy D. Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Future USA Olympian in the making? Could be. One thing is for certain, Javita FocusFusion seems to be giving this little gymnast the fuel she needs to stay on task and get through her routine.

Kaza K 2“I have a 3-year-old daughter who has been in gymnastics for a few months now. Before Javita, she would have issues sitting still and waiting for the coach to finish her demonstration on the multiple tasks they would be doing.

By the time the coach was done, Ketzalie could only remember the first thing she was shown.

Since I purchased FocusFusion Cocoa, I make sure to have her drink it (during the week but especially) the morning before class … either just as chocolate milk, blended with a banana or even blueberries. Ketzalies mommy daughter 2

And since then she sits, watches the whole demo and remembers what she watches.

Ketzalie goes through the course without wandering around or looking at the coach wondering what she was supposed to do.

I am so happy she is able to enjoy the class like she is supposed to, instead of being the problem child who had to be spoken to multiple times in class like she used to be.

Thank you Javita for another awesome product!!” ~Ketzalie’s mommy, Kaza K.

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Further evidence that FocusFusion Cocoa is a fantastic idea… A new study by Harvard researchers suggests drinking hot chocolate might improve memory. Dr. Gayatri Devi, clinical associate professor of neurology at the NYU School of Medicine, talks to the “CBS This Morning” co-hosts about the study.

Are you a chocoholic? Turns out your little addiction may save your life. A recent study found that those consuming the highest levels of chocolate had a 37% reduction in cardiovascular disease and a 29% reduction in stroke compared to those with lower chocolate intakes.

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own your life in an ADD world Do our 18 Day Feel Better Do Better Challenge

0000 18 day challenge

There are 18 sticks per box which will give you 1 cup a day to determine how this is improving your life experience.  We all know people that feel better, do better … you just don’t have to struggle anymore with the every day demands that maybe you or your loved ones are de-energized by.

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Here are just a few of the many success experiences coming in daily from the herbal infusion of a potent blend of  Bacopa Monnieri and Gotu Kola in our Energy&Mind Coffee which will also be infused in our new FocusFusion Cocoa so we can Make a Positive Difference in the lives of MORE CHILDREN and ADULTS suffering with depression, angst, ADD/ADHD and a multitude of other chronic health and well-being experiences.

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Though experts are quick to clarify that we should stick to moderate consumption of high-calorie chocolates, it’s hard to deny the cold hard facts that chocolate can be a healthy addition to our diets.