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Just the facts Jack:

In just 8 weeks, Craig has already released 15 LBs and 2″ and I’ve released 6 LBs and 1.5″ everywhere, after not having been able to budge the scales for the past 15 years no matter how hard I tried – or how much I exercised!

Craig obviously has a different body type than mine and he is able to drink 3 cups a day. I am enJOYing 1 cup a day right now, because I’ve had health issues over the past several years involving my adrenals that I’ve been treating with a (costly) monthly nutritional supplementation program.

Sure, I’d love to be dropping the LBs as fast as my husband, but what’s most important to me is that I am feeling great and reducing at a consistent and moderate rate.

Both Craig and I immediately started feeling a change gently occurring in our eating habits (leaving food on our plates – feeling in control around emotinal eating and snacking for energy) plus, we are both feeling so much more relaxed around food.

This is the first time in a long time that I’m feeling confident in the fact that ONE YEAR from now I will have made tremendous, long-term progress with my weight and health.

Medical research observes that men tend to release LBs first – women release inches first. Dr. Harry Presuss of Georgetown University Medical Center is at the forefront of the research says..

Unexpected benefits:

Craig has reduced his anti-depressant medication by 50% and I’ve been able to reduce my estrogen medication by 75% and we are both sleeping soundly all night long! (My doctor has been trying to get me to come off the estrogen for several years – but I was unable to – until now!)

90 over 60And all of this between Thanksgiving – Christmas in addition to traveling for 10 days. We ate whatever we wanted and when got home – to our surprise – we were both down another LB. Amazing!

But that’s not all…

Craig’s yearly check-up yesterday morning revealed that his Blood Pressure is 90/60, in the low end of the normal range, and he had just had his first cup of coffee before he went. Our family Dr. is most impressed with his LBs reduction and is now doing her own due-diligence conferring with other doctors we are putting her in contact with who have been recommending Javita to their patients for the past year.

And there’s more…

In just 2 months, our monthly medication savings: Craig $50 + Me $75 = $125

Our monthly Nutritional Supplementation Programs savings = $232

Cost of coffee = $120 a month HOWEVER we are on the 3&Free Program so we pay ZERO for our 4 boxes of Coffee & Tea = $0

Our Total Savings = $477 a month!

As you know, going into the Super Bowl Sunday, there are tons of TV ads for the big name brands.

Problem 1:   to keep the weight off, you are going to have to spend $300-$400 EVERY MONTH with most brand name programs. Combine this with the fact that most people can’t wait to get off the program when they reach their goal – or sooner, and you have:

Problem 2:   yo-yo dieting – weight on weight off – is bad for your health.

One of my business associates, Lennie Campbell, is the former owner of 5 NutriSystem franchise locations. She sold her franchises and has been selling Javita coffee since last spring. Why? Because she said that the problem with dieting the NutriSystem way is that people can hardly wait to get back to table food, and that she was determined to stop the misery of releasing LBs with Javita.

She told me that with Javita so many people are dropping inches and LBs quickly, and the longest she’s seen it take for anyone to get results is only 6-8 weeks and then the magic just happens!

And then there is Javita’s 3&FREE Program – seriously folks – since we first started we’ve been getting 4 boxes a month for F*R*E*E.

What other weight loss program out there will give you that? Well, let’s see…

In Dr. Oz’s interview about Garcinia Cambogia with Dr. Chin, an Internist, she says she recommends it to her patients primarily because it has overall health benefits beyond weight loss. What she is most excited about is that studies have shown that patients using it showed a decrease of 10% to 30% in total cholesterol, triglycerides, LDL and an improvement in HDL, which is the good cholesterol.

Also, they found that patients who are obese had improvement in insulin resistance and leptin resistance, which are hormones that actually help us to eat less and maintain more normal weight.

To watch the entire show segment click here ….

So Garcinia Cambogia is a very important tool for us to use in conjunction with any healthy life-choice program.

Why drink Javita Coffee and/or Tea that is infused with Garcinia Cambogia and not just take supplements?

3 Reasons:

1 – you never hear someone say, “Oh, I forgot to drink my coffee / tea this morning” …

2 – Javita’s use of the right herbal combinations infused in the coffee and tea creates a nutraceutical synergism in the body from which you will most likely start finding yourself DRAWN to foods that will help you get your PH back in balance and help your body reorganize itself and start releasing LBs …

3 …it’s so simple, it’s genius!

There’s more … much much more that I’d love to go on and on about, but that’s it for today.

Reaching out to make a world of difference …

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