Has life been hell for your kid at school?

Do you have a child heading back to school this week or next with energy, focus and attention problems?

Are you dreading another school year with reports coming home from you child’s teacher saying the same old thing, “You need to have a talk with your child about sitting still and paying attention in class!”

Does one or more of your family members struggled with this?

I’d like to really encourage you do something about it today by simply taking Javita’s Energy&Mind Coffee for a test drive.

Take our 30 Day Challenge to change your coffee, change your life with our Energy&Mind Coffee that we have added to our offerings here at Heart Productions & Publishing.

Here is just one of the many success stories coming in that has me so committed to this new healthy coffee with benefits.


Click here to read more of these!

I’m on a mission to bring peace to people’s homes and I’m sharing this coffee with every one I know now because of the phenomenal transformative DIFFERENCE it is making in the lives of so many who have been struggling … and/or even suffering with focus, attention, depression, anxiety, jittery, feeling wired yet tired most days mid-morning and mid-afternoon.

What’s it going to cost you to not at least have your kid and/or family members try it?

Reaching out …



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