Here’s Your HAPPY Friday Dance … enJOY!

Dear Difference Maker,

Here’s your ….

Friday 5

Isn’t this rooster’s coloring amazing!? As you know by now I am newly fascinated with
The Chicken Chick’s Chicks.  Her chickens are just beautiful … who knew they were such incredibly colored works of art and completely true to themselves.

How’s your week been?  Have you been productive?  Focused?  Happy?  Have you had plenty of time to do all you want to do and be with all the people you want to be with?

Do you really feel like you own your life or like it owns you?

I know our society likes to celebrate the weekends and yet, when you are doing something that makes a difference so you can come alive, like this rooster strutting his beautiful feathers, then it really never matters what day it is.

I recently read a report from a nurse who takes care of people who are close to death.  She asked hundreds of patients in the last twelve weeks of their lives what their biggest regret was.  The number one regret reported was, “I wish I had been true to who I was and not just live to meet the expectations of others.”

Today, make a decision to live life with no regrets … go ahead and strut your stuff!

Reaching out…
mary 3

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