I ate 50% less yesterday thanks to my new coffee

Dear Difference Maker,

It’s true, we drank our Burn+Control Javita Coffee yesterday morning and again in the afternoon, and both my husband and I ate 50% less than any Thanksgiving meal we’ve ever eaten before.

We both found ourselves scooting away from the table feeling that feeling of emotional comfort that you want to feel after this kind of home cooked meal.

In visiting about how amazing this new coffee is, my husband Craig said to me this morning that he felt that …

“…its effect is undeniable.”

It’s so amazing to want to stop eating just because you feel like it and to have your mouth and taste buds agree that it’s all good and you are happily done.

You feel that feeling of fulfillment from the food. In fact, you enJOY the food even more. I know that’s hard to imagine when the food is so wonderful to begin with. But it’s like your senses and taste buds are heightened. Even down to experiencing all of the flavors in the wine.

We are thrilled to announce that we’ve added 2 new products to our offerings, here at Heart Productions & Publishing, that we are so happy to share with you that will make a difference throughout the world.

Let’s face it, a very large percentage of us
could stand to lose a few lbs…

Our 2 new additions are Javita Energy+Mind and Burn+Control Coffee.

Just drink 2 cups of Javita coffee a day and feel better!

Learn how you can Change Your Coffee and Change Your Life for free (3&Free) at: buyjavitacoffee.com/makeadiff

Together we can make a difference… Livin’ Javita Loca baby!!!
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Mary Robinson Reynolds
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