As an author, trainer, educational consultant and business coach I am now teaming up with stay-at-home parents, people who work in unfulfilling jobs and purpose driven business owners throughout the world to build freeing – own your life – passive residual income into their lives and/or existing business model.

Our newest additions here at Heart Productions & Publishing – HPP – is based on the positive, healthy difference these five products are beginning to make in tens of thousands of people’s lives and which will one day make in millions of adults and children’s lives.

Javita’s products are the tie that binds together HPP’s entire body of work and can quite possibly be this and more for your life’s purpose and work.

Products that are already consumed by more than half the world’s population, combined with an exciting, new business opportunity for full time and part time entrepreneurs.

“you have residual bills… why not have residual income?”

why choose team reynolds?

We are all about Making a Life, Making a Living … and Making an Exponentially Positive Difference.

Our company, Heart Productions & Publishing – HPP, was born two decades ago with the soul intention of helping people throughout the world get to the heart of the matter in building a FulFILLing, Rich & Healthy Life in every area: mind, body and spirit …

We are seasoned entrepreneurs and we are all about supporting you in our joined endeavor to make the world a peaceful and prosperous place for every one to live:

  • Business & Life Coach  – we’ll listen for limited thoughts and turn them around
  • Internet & Networking experience –  authentically connecting ways to reach out
  • MasterMinding with Team Members – we’ll SEE and believe with and for you

When you join us in adding Javita’s 5 easy to enjoy products to your life and offerings we will match your energy, determination and commitment as you reach your dreams and goals.

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3 Phases to building financial security and time freedom in any economy:

Phase 1:  Share the amazing benefits of Javita products – just like you already do with other non residual type products and services – to your clients, patients and customers moving them into enjoying Preferred Customer SAVINGS on our AutoShip program as they are experiencing positive results; and then simply keep in touch – keep connecting – good for business.

Phase 2:  Let your colleagues and competition know what’s happening in you business! Invite them to join you in your Javita business and build financial security and time freedom on the same team.  It’s a simple as playing the 22 minute presentation (provided for you at: javita.com/overview) that we use online with Social Networking, as well as with fun, light and easy to do Home Parties and/or PBRs- Private Business Receptions.  It can be as enJOYable as simply texting, posting, having coffee with a friend or a business acquaintance or colleague …

Phase 3:  Collaborate, team up and encourage those Preferred Customers who become Business Building Members, may be new to entrepreneurialism but who intend to actively make a life, make a living and make a difference with their Javita successful health experiences for amazing exponential growth in every one’s business for the greater good.

How Money is Earned in America | John Haremza

Javita as Residual Income | John Haremza

traditional savings account

We are backed by a team that has been more available to us than any organization we’ve ever been in so it’s not just us, you are also in the support of multi-million dollar direct marketing producers: Renee Chittick, Mickey Dillion and John Heremza all available for your personal investigation on FaceBook.

Keys to Success: Overcoming Objections | John Haremza

So, grab a cup of coffee, tea or cocoa and learn all you can about what Javita can mean for your life and then give us a call here at Heart Productions & Publishing (603-382-8848) or email us at mary@behealthyjava.com so we can answer your questions about how to get these products for free and how you can build a Plan B that replaces your Plan A!

Keys to Success: The Power of Leverage | John Haremza

We’d love for you to join us in the never ending search for the best within ourselves as we all get healthier, happier and financially free with Javita!

“Mail Box Money” aka Residual Income | John Haremza

It’s SIMPLE – we’ve made an affordable investment in
the distribution rights to Javita’s herbally infused Coffees, Teas, Cocoa & Active Blendz fruit infused drinks.
We are building passive residual income into our existing business model because when the demand hits for these products – and it will – we want every body to
buy it through our network
which you can build into your life
and existing business model too!

Javita Business Packs | John Haremza

See for yourself the Successes so many are having along with unexpected Health Benefits at our Success Stories link.

Javita is a something I am proud to stand behind.
Posted on Mar 30th, 2016 in Business Opportunity Testimonials, Testimonials

Javita is a something I am proud to stand behind. “I was away for work in Tennessee, when I got word from my wife that she signed up for a network marketing company. My first thought was, oh boy she got scammed. You see, I have a history of Network marketing: Amway for 1 year, Advocare for 2 years, suckered into helping my sister with Mary Kay and even a Perfume and Cologne company for 6 months, and you can say I struck out horribly. My network marketing debt is over $5,000.00. That got me 10 bottles of cologne, starter baskets of Mary Kay and Adovcare, and trash of Amway. So needless to say, I wasn’t happy my wife decided to take on this journey when our house was struggling with money.

I came home that weekend and said to my wife, I support you in what you are doing but don’t involve me. Our neighbor and friend came over to show this business to me, in hopes to change my mind. We talked for about two hours and it was me bashing network marketing every step of the way. Finally she challenged me and said take 2 green teas (I’m not a coffee drinker) everyday for 12 days and if you haven’t lost 5 pounds, I will treat you to dinner anywhere you want to go. I agreed and was out to prove her wrong. So I ate fast food three times a day everyday, added cakes, Twinkies and other sweets in between meals. I was right. I WON my bet, 12 days ended I got on the scale and I gained weight. I should have gained 20 pounds plus, but I only gained 1 pound total. While I was happy to prove my point, I knew something was working. I decided to buy another box to “support” my wife. 12 days went by and I had lost 17pounds and then I was off and running. To date I have lost 83 pounds on Javita in 7 months and still going.

So I became a Javita Believer, but I wanted to use my testimonial and make some money too. So I signed up at the $499.00 level and had my launch party. Had all the big Members there, Blue Diamonds, Supervisors, Managers. One problem, not one guest showed up. I got down in the dumps and took the next month of Javita off. My mentor / neighbor asked me to go with her to work an event. Slowly, I learned the system and got a few people to sign up. Javita Fever was taking hold of me, while my personal life took a turn for the worse. My car got repo’d, got an eviction notice on my house, and lost my job because the business I worked for closed.

In fact while I was working a sales call, my car got put up in the air by the repo tow truck, I came outside, knowing what was happening. I just asked if I could grab my important items from the car. He said ok if I do it fast, so I grabbed my computer, couple pictures and my 4 boxes of Burn & Control I had in the back seat. The Driver asked me what it was and I told him. Tried my best to explain the herbs and stuff. He bought 2 boxes right there on the spot after I shared my story. So I had nothing no car, no home, and what seemed like no future, but I did have a contact and $90.00 in my pocket. Javita restored my trust in faith, my trust in God.

To make a long story shorter, I have caught some fire in the business and have made it to consultant and almost supervisor. The months ahead are so promising, and my belief in network marketing has completely changed. This business is different. It’s life changing. Sure the weight loss is amazing, and all the testimonials that are out there can get anyone fired up. But to me that’s not what’s life changing. The real change is the sense of family that Javita instills in people. The always there for each other in good times and bad. But most importantly it’s the confidence gained in individual people. The hope that comes with owning the business, the product that is extremely effective and consumable making people want more and excited to stand behind. To me this is what Javita is, and something I’m proud to stand behind.” ~Brock D. Hillman

own your life!

Dr. Chi Nguyen

Dr. Chi Nguyen, Diamond Club MemberSince my involvement with Javita, I have been able to achieve financial stability, great health and provide for my family, and along the way, I have seen many others prosper in the same ways.

I have built an incredible foundation for my family and no longer have to worry about the financial burden that my children may have to experience when they choose their career. My journey to success began when my family and I escaped the Vietnam War (in 1975),  arriving in America to seek a better life and opportunity.

I was determined to succeed in my new home — America. I quickly learned a new language and very diligently pursued my goal to become successful. Through long and tough years, my parents strived to provide for my four siblings and me. I excelled in my education, which ultimately resulted in a career in the medical field where I am able to help people. Along with the satisfaction to help others, there came the financial burden of my school loans. I found myself always worrying about not having enough time with my family and the financial implications of my children’s education.

Flowers_Dr Chi_01

Reflecting back, Javita came my way as a blessing in disguise. I recognized that this company is another vehicle for me to help others as well as to solve my own worries. Javita’s unique products can not only assist in one’s health naturally, but can also provide one with more family time and financial stability.

Like some, I had my doubts in the beginning, but now I am a true believer. Javita is a movement to provide true freedom where we can have time, money and health all at the same time, as well as have fun while helping others. Javita, to me, is more than just coffee and tea, it offers hope to others. We are “hope dealers!”

“My Why” Series with Dr. Chi Nguyen

Andrea Gebhardt

Wife, assistant principal and mother of three, Javita Black Diamond Andrea Gebhardt is no stranger to juggling priorities. However when paying off mountains of debt and climbing the professional ladder meant less time with the family, this super mom knew it was time to walk away. Thankfully Javita afforded her that opportunity and whole lot more.

Andrea Gebhardt, Black DiamondAchieving success with Javita means more options for my family!

I had just come to terms with the fact that ‘struggle’ was going to be a part of our life when Javita was introduced to me. I was excited about drinking coffee, losing weight and making extra money. I had no idea it was going to be the vehicle that would give my family and I better opportunities. This company has made me realize that it is better to create the life we want for our families outside of the traditional 8-12 hour job, which allows for more quality time with our kids, ultimately improving the overall quality of life.

Before Javita, our options in life, from groceries, to vacations and activities for the kids were limited, and now, our options are limitless. I can afford to put better quality food on the table, as well as go on the vacations we’ve always wanted to go on versus what we could afford.


Being a part of Javita has eased the financial stress life can bring. I no longer have to live paycheck-to-paycheck. And finally, I can pay off all those student loans and other debts that come with life.

This experience is truly amazing! I feel blessed to be working with a CEO whose heart and passion for people is at the forefront of all that he does. I truly feel that as Javita Members we are a part of something much bigger, with a greater purpose than simply distributors of weight loss coffee and tea. We are ambassadors of change; working daily to bring change (and hope) to people everywhere with something they are already doing daily, drinking coffee. We are improving people’s health and bringing more income into more homes everywhere we go, and as a result, we are improving the lives of people everywhere.

After being a Member for 11 months, I retired from my career in education. I was sad to leave my school and my students, but I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to spend more time with my children. Having time in the morning to make them the breakfast they deserve on their way to school, playing basketball at noon in the cul-de-sac, and being able to stay home with them when they are sick and take care of them myself are the little things that have made a big difference in the quality of life for our family, and this is all a direct result of taking advantage of the incredible opportunity Javita has to offer.

Suddenly, the stress of not being able to pay all of the bills has been replaced with the joy of paying off the debt we accrued over the years. We were finally ahead! The looming fear of college for my kids and overall “kid expenses” had dissipated with accounts that were set up for them.

Javita is the vehicle that has allowed me to break the cycle of poverty in my family, by creating opportunity and possibilities for them.

“My Why” Series with Andrea Gebhardt

Check out how this Bakersfield native is living the life she’s always dreamed of for her family.

Click here to see what others are accomplishing in their Javita Businesses.  Make time to watch the personal videos of ordinary people, just like you and me, are accomplishing toward creating a higher level of health and wealth for their lives. Investigate what’s happening, do your due diligence – you’ll be glad you did.

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own your life!

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Javita Experiencing Rapid Growth – Sales Up 150% in 2014

The team brought together by the Founder of Javita Stan Cherelstein, applied their direct experience and know-how to create an opportunity that anyone can be successful with. This new opportunity is for people interested in participating in and developing a real, long-term business.

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Compensation Plan
The Javita Compensation Plan is based on the principles of teamwork and the idea that success is a result of helping others succeed. From the new person to the experienced leader and everyone in between, our plan is designed to reward performance and help you generate a long-term, part-time or full-time income.

The Plan is based on the sales of coffee to others. It’s simple to understand and explain. It has been developed to be fair to everyone involved, and can be extremely lucrative to those who take action. We promise, when you see our revolutionary compensation system, you will be excited and thrilled to have joined Javita.

Javita’s Compensation Plan allows Members to get paid every week. There are multiple ways to earn income, allowing Members to generate both immediate and long-term income.

To view the Javita Compensation Plan watch this 30-Minute “Business Opportunity Webinar” from John Haremza, top Javita Distributor:

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IF you get just one Business Member a month who gets one Business Member and they each get one Business Member a month, in twelve months your business can be earning $16,384 in passive residual income, and that’s just if you each only get one a month.

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