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Dear Difference Maker,There are times in our lives when we realize fully that IF we don’t embrace opportunity and reorganize ourselves at a higher level and make necessary changes in our lives that life is and will pass us by.

What row will you live in?

0000 front row

What creating $300,000 year, a $500,000 year and a $1,000,000 year taught my husband and me is that you can work really really hard, show up 100% for your life in really intense growth situations and still not end up being financially secure, let alone have the time freedom that you went into business for yourself to enjoy.

A person always has the choice at the point of a realizing that life and time are getting away from them to continue to do things the way they’ve been doing them expecting different results OR they can wake up, smell the coffee and take it upon themselves to expand their knowledge beyond old, worn out, old-school, limiting, self-defeating beliefs about is possible (i.e, old school network marketing verses social networking advanced school systems).

Today, as an author and business coach I make an exponential difference in the world from helping hard working people and business owners add passive residual income to their existing business with Javita Coffees, Tea and Cocoa so they can own their lives and their TIME in our fast-paced, high-tech ADD World.

October is a great month for starting your own GLOBAL virtual coffee house!

If you want to see a terrific explanation of why people should choose to live in the front row of life fast forward 11 minutes and 23 seconds!

0000 how you can start your virtual company

Click here to watch.

Today is a great day to make the decision to own your life and make an appointment to talk with me. Remember, I can’t help you if I don’t know what you are afraid of that is keeping you from what you really want in creating a life you love.

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PS … Here’s The Chicken Chick’s Chick’s thought for today ….

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