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Scary-Movie Diet

Here’s some frightening news about weight loss – you can burn calories by watching a scary movie!

Recent finding: Watching a 90-minute horror movie can burn an average of 113 calories – that’s as many calories as you would burn if you ran a 10-minute mile.

The adrenaline spikes you experience while watching the movie raise your metabolic rate.

Researchers found the top calorie-burning flick to be The Shining, scaring 184 calories away …followed by Jaws (161 calories) and The Exorcist (158).

So if it’s too cold to go out for a jog, fire up Netflix and catch up on some frightening flicks.

Source: Study by researchers at University of Westminster, London, UK, reported in Health.

If scary movies don’t do it for you, here is a simple way to lose some weight.

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