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The very best way to find out what our amazing Javita products can be doing to improve your life is to simply order our affordable sampler pack (only $35 plus S&H). Message me on FB or email me with a couple of good days and times to call you at I’ll make placing your order a breeze!


Let’s see how you feel after you start enjoying them.

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PS … just a few of the many success stories coming in:

Kids and coffee? You betcha!! For Samantha’s son Riley, Energy+Mind was exactly what he needed to get through the day.

Riley M 2

“Wow, since I’ve been drinking Javita’s energy+mind coffee, I’ve seen an amazing improvement in my focus, concentration and behavior. Two days ago, we ran out of coffee. Today my mom gets a call from my teachers asking what has changed—my behavior has gone backwards and I’m not completing any work.

Just goes to show what a difference Javita makes to me. I am thankful to be drinking it as it helps me so much.” ~Riley M.

Future USA Olympian in the making? Could be. One thing is for certain, Javita FocusFusion seems to be giving this little gymnast the fuel she needs to stay on task and get through her routine.


“I have a 3-year-old daughter who has been in gymnastics for a few months now. Before Javita, she would have issues sitting still and waiting for the coach to finish her demonstration on the multiple tasks they would be doing. By the time the coach was done, Ketzalie could only remember the first thing she was shown.

Since I purchased FocusFusion, I make sure to have her drink it (during the week but especially) the morning before class…either just as chocolate milk, blended with a banana or even blueberries. And since then she sits, watches the whole demo and remembers what she watches.

Ketzalie goes through the course without wandering around or looking at the coach wondering what she was supposed to do. I am so happy she is able to enjoy the class like she is supposed to, instead of being the problem child who had to be spoken to multiple times in class like she used to be. Thank you Javita for another awesome product!!” ~Ketzalie’s mommy, Kaza K.

What is this mother’s secret weapon to dropping 30 lbs, keeping up with her three children’s busy schedules AND keeping her wits about her? It’s simple, her morning cup of Javita!!!!


“I am a mom of 3 great kids (Trey 15, Kealey 13 & Pearse 2). Needless to say, I AM BUSY!!! I have been drinking burn + control for over a year now, and have lost almost 30 pounds and many inches. When FocusFusion came out in October I was thrilled. What a treat! I drink one a day with a dash of caramel syrup, and it’s delicious. It has added an extra pep in my step to keep up with my kids’ busy lifestyle of school, rep hockey, field hockey, art classes, etc. & just being a 2-year-old.

My memory is better. I am no longer forgetting where I need to be and when, AND my mind has never been clearer. My kids also enjoy the delicious flavor and their added energy to the day. What a great way to start their mornings and mine. Thank you Javita!!!” ~Melanie M.

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