Are you skeptical about whether or not it’s really possible to just drink coffee that’s been infused with Garcina Cambogia and Yerba Mate and have it help you actually release the excess LBS?

I totally understand …

There are countless numbers of products on the market promising to help people drop the LBS … showing photoshopped pictures of people becoming skinny pin-up models instead of photos of people with real health issues getting healthier and lighter that have not been altered.

I’m inviting you to stay with me here today – and in the days and weeks ahead – because I have information that truly can make a difference in the lives of so many people who have been suffering.

The thing about making a difference is that rarely, ever does a person make a profoundly positive difference by continuing to do what isn’t working, never did work, repeatedly expecting a different results.

We live in a society where many tend to attack new, innovative concepts first – then ask questions or show compassion later.

I know, because I’ve been receiving those kind of emails lately, because I am taking the road less traveled to get different results in the important areas of my life.

There are those who have let me know just how annoyed, put off and disappointed they are with me for talking about something that shines my light – gives me aliveness – rather than dimming my light and limiting the difference I can be making with the information in front of me to share.

So, what I’d like to invite you to ask yourself today is…

“What does it cost me in time, energy and aliveness to not make the time to investigate what life is offering, simply because fearfully hanging on to the difficult – what’s been – remains more important to me than opening my mind to investigate another way of doing things, which could be more simple and/or easier?”


20 years ago, I was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Epstein Barr, and Fibromyalgia. I suffered daily with headaches and periodically, migraines.

Because modern medicine did not help me, I started working with a certified nutritionist who muscle tests me every month, and for all these years I have been able keep my body healthy with a monthly herbal and nutritional supplementation regimen.

So I know unequivocally the value of what herbal supplementation can do to help someone who has a minor or chronic health condition feel better and start resolving underlying health issues that are causing discomfort.

Not everyone is like me, in that I take herbs every morning without fail!

What I was instantly drawn to about drinking Javita Burn+Control or Energy+Mind coffee is that you never hear someone say…

“Oh dear, I forgot to drink my coffee this morning!”

And this brings up the real problem with other supplements and shakes: people don’t remember to take them or choke them down.

When I found out about this coffee a month ago, I was concerned how two cups of coffee everyday would impact my adrenals, so I took it to my nutritionist who then muscle tested me on it and then tested herself and her other clients with it.

Linda was concerned about what would happen with her blood pressure with drinking coffee. After two week on the coffee she went to her Dr. for a check up and her numbers were the best that they had been.

She was amazed at how strongly it continued to test she tested and said that it had a quality to it that she’d never seen before. and said that it had a quality to it that she’d never seen before.

After being on the coffee for several weeks, she muscle-tested me again, and everything tested strong, including my adrenals.

Even though I have never been a daily coffee drinker (I am a daily Lipton tea drinker) I am loving the flavor of the coffee twice a day, and I am feeling GREAT!

Now, you don’t have to understand what muscle testing is – you don’t even need to believe me – but if there is any part of you that’s been wanting to improve your energy, drop some lbs and to try this product out, then I am encouraging you to trust yourself. It’s just coffee!

There is no product that is perfect for every single person on the planet. But if you do this, you need to give it 6-8 weeks before deciding to stop once you’ve started for a thorough evaluation of it’s benefits to your health.

My job as an author, speaker and coach is to share valid, valuable information that can in fact make a difference in people’s lives as I come across it.

You’ve been with me for quite awhile now, and you know from what I write daily that I’m on a mission to Make a Life, Make a Living and Make a Difference through the business coaching, speaking, books, Facilitator Certification Training Programs, UTrain Programs and the other products that we offer, like our movies, “I Make A Difference” Acknowledgment wristbands, stickers, posters and prints.

This new product is equally important to me on several levels;

1) health (is your wealth) and 2) an income opportunity for those who want to literally recession -proof their income and life.

I am a business coach above all. This is what I do. I help businesses all over the world figure out ways to synergize their relationships with their employees, and I join together with them to MasterMind for ways to recession-proof their business.

My coaching fees begin at $4K, because I make people money!

I LOVE this product, and I am THRILLED that I can bring it into my business under my Make A Difference umbrella of offerings.

So what makes Javita’s Burn+Control different?

It’s simply a matter of changing from one

coffee to another more beneficial brand.

In other words, a coffee with benefits!

I’m doubly thrilled that as you enJOY this product and as you start feeling better and dropping the unnecessary LBS, not only can you get this product for free, you can, if you choose, let people buy it from you when they ask you “What have you been doing?”

For now, what I really want you to do is TRY IT OUT!

Seriously folks!

You have everything to GAIN
from what you Lose!

And If you don’t have a weight issue, GREAT – try the Energy+Mind Coffee – it is SOOOOOOOO much healthier for you than those other energy drinks on the market.

You Are Not Depriving Yourself of Anything

Amazing NEW successes coming in everyday with phenomenal health benefits:


You can become a Customer for $45 per box – 24 coffee sticks per box @ 2 coffees a day will = 12 days: remember to compare this to other programs, not to other coffees! Programs like Jenny Craig, Nutrisystem, WeightWatchers, Subway, MediFast, all of which cost ten times this much!

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Or a better buy is:

Become a Preferred Customer for $70 for two boxes – 24 coffee sticks per box @ 2 coffees a day will = 24 days; or $140 for four boxes with 24 coffee sticks per box @ 2 coffees a day will = 48 days.

OPTIONAL: you can…

– sign up for an Auto-Ship of 2 or 4 boxes as a “Preferred Customer”

– AND you will receive a Customer ID number to give to your friends and family so you can get your coffee for free in the “Get 3&Free” Program.

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Or the best buy is:

You can become a Member for $99 and get two boxes with your Member Starter Pack – 24 coffee sticks per box @ 2 coffees a day will = 24 days, and THEN when you order additional boxes of coffee you will receive 20% SAVINGS by being a Member.


– Virtual Office CD to help you get started referring people

get paid on Personal Customer referrals monthly

To conclude: You can get your coffee free on the 3&Free program as well as get paid just for sharing information you were going to share anyway!

Reaching out to make a world of difference…

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