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GIVE Burn+Control Weight Loss Javita Gourmet COFFEE!

Hey there!

It’s almost here …Happy Thanksgiving!

Next up: Christmas, Hanukkah, Quanza and all Holy Days to come…

Here’s what I’m going to do for our Holiday Gift Giving this year:

We became Members last week with the Business Elite Pack, which you can see at our website, so we’re receiving 34 boxes – best deal – (or get the Business Pack with 14 boxes) and I’m going to give 2 boxes each ofBurn+Control to each of our kids and their spouses, and 3 boxes each to all of our sibs and friends our age (because at age 60+ we all have a little more stubborn metabolism than the 30-somethings in our family!) I am actually spending 50% less this year on Burn+Control Weight Loss Javita Gourmet Coffee than I usually spend on gifts.

If I run out, I can always get more in bulk to give for Christmas gifts at $25 a box at our Member business dashboard. This is going to make great Round Robin andYankee Trade gifts too.

By Christmas, I just know I will have lost some inches and lbs, so when they open their gift from us and say, “Oh gourmet coffee, thank you,” I will say, “Yes, it’s not only gourmet, it’s weight loss coffee as well, and in just 30 days I’ve already taken off X# of inches and lbs!”

Even if you only want to give 1 box to everybody on your list – they are still going to see and feel results. If you have any left after the Christmas gift giving rush, you can sell the rest and make your money back if you want.

OR if weight is not an issue, I will give them 1-3 boxes of the JavitaEnergy+Mind Coffee, because everybody needs a little ENERGY boost ANDmental CALMNESS & FOCUS every now and then, and our coffee IS healthy.

So, IF you are giving this a try with the Rich Idea in the back of your mind that you wouldn’t mind making a part-time or full-time income with this, you can already see that Javita Coffee simply sells itself, and all you did was say…

“Merry Christmas loved ones and a Healthy, Happy New Year … and OBTW, if you love it as much as I do, you can just go ahead and reorder more from my website that’s on my card!”

You simply order business cards with your own website address on it – like we did – and slip the card into the side of the box inside the plastic cover – and they can reorder all by themselves!

Understand that the reorder rate for this product is 55%-60% – what this means is that Javita coffee reorders are currently 4-5 times higher than any other direct sales company. This is unheard of in this industry.

I’m just sayin’ … for just giving Burn+Control or Energy+Mind Gourmet Coffee as your gift this year, you can start enjoying additional residual income in 2014.

People who LOVE a great cup of coffee don’t have to be sold. You add weight loss or energy and focus to that and …. well I think you can see the writing on the wall.

Anyway, can you tell I’m excited?!

Reaching out … have a wonderful Thanksgiving … Relax and enJOY your food!

Together we can make money & make a difference…
Livin’ Javita Loca baby!!!
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Mary Robinson Reynolds
Author & Founder of Heart Productions & Publishing (HPP)

PS … It’s easy! Order TODAY and go ahead and lose weight this holiday season – and help every body you know to lose too

PPS… We all dream of being at the right place at the right time. I want you to be in Phase 1 of this. If you’re like me and can see the writing on the wall about the genius and timing of this… watch all of the videos at my website then go over to the training website at: When it is convenient to talk, just sign up on my calendar and I’ll call you. Go to:

Drink Share Earn and Lose a Dress Size!

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