Notes by Stephanie Konicov-Banfill

STEPHANIEs CUSTOMER SYSTEMStephanie has a booth at a local Flea Market she sells at with consistency – weekly – weekends.

ALWAYS leads with the product: Weight Loss Coffee because it’s sexy and pulls them into her booth.  When people ask “How much is the coffee per cup?”  She answers with “Per cup a cup of coffee starts at $2 and can go as low as FREE.”

She has the Opportunity brochures laying at the opposite end of the table to see who is drawn to it she simply asks “Does an opportunity interest you?” or “Are you looking for an opportunity?” or “Do you see the opportunity here with weight loss coffee?”

If they say they are, then she pulls out the Opportunity Magazine and continues the conversation asking questions getting them to talk about what interests them about the products and opportunity.

She has 10 for $20 – pre-made B+C packages to sell to get people to try it.

When selling the 10 for $20 packages she writes down their First Name & Last Name and then asks for their CELL phone # – and she says people always give it to her no problemo!

She always always always does follow-up / follow through calls for every 10 for $20 customer 5 days after the event to find out what they are enjoying about the coffee and/or offer a little coaching for how best to use the product.

She also uses the call back opportunity to move them toward investing in full box on AutoShip with a savings of $10 a box for 1 box $20 savings on 2 boxes and so on.

People who buy a box for $45 she calls 10-12 days after the event:

1) to see if their shipment has arrived and…

2) to see what they are enjoying about the coffee and then again at 30 days to let discuss how they can be getting their next box on AutoShip for $30.

With people who are highly engaged she goes on to ask what their weight loss goals are and if they remain engaged she then shares that the best way to do this is 1 coffee a day = 30 coffees a month = 2 boxes.

However, many people prefer drinking 2 a day = 4 boxes AND when they do an Autoship each box of coffee is only $30 a box for 4 boxes.

They decide to buy 4 boxes TODAY she sell them for $30 each = $120.

Stephanie writes down all of their info on the order form and then she enters everything when she gets home setting up their Autoship to begin the next month – 48 days out from the event – then sets up their Autoship for every 45 days thereafter.

She does it all for them including assigning them their URLs and passwords.  She has an email she sends to everyone with their URLs and passwords.

She ALWAYS calls them within 10-12 days to see what they are liking about the product and to listen and coach them if need be.

Then in a month she calls them again and walks them through how she set up their Autoship and asks them if they are ready to get their coffee free!

If they are open to the idea she explains the 3&Free and why all your friends and family should be getting their coffee for free.

Next call is a natural lead in to the business opportunity …  checks in on customers every 4 months thereafter – unless they are interested in the business and then follow up is keep to moving them forward to make a decision and get going.

She typically sells 10-20 on a weekend at her flea market booth.  Investing in $1000 of inventory because that’s what people in business do!
Thank you Stephanie for your wonderful customer system!

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