[TGIF] Solution to the drugs you and/or your loved ones taking?

Dear Difference Maker,

If this is you or someone you know and love?


Now we all watch the TV ads as they talk about how these drugs will take care of your health issues. Then they have to tell you – by law – about all of the contraindications that can make you sick in other says often ending with, “And in some cases this drug may even cause death!”  Wowza!

So let me encourage you to just DO my 24 Day Feel Better Do Better Challenge to see if you can reduce the amount of drugs you are taking.

My husband is enjoying being focused and productive at new wonderful levels and has been able to reduce his anti-depression medication by half. I have also been able to reduce my estrogen medication by half and I fully expect to be completely off of it soon.

It’s simple: it’s COFFEE infused with healthy herbs that help your brain, mind and spirit just feel better and when you feel better you do better … don’t over think it!

Here is The Chicken Chick Chick’s humorous thought for today …


Maybe it’s because I was raised in Nebraska …but I just love these chickens!

Reaching out …
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