[Video] MUST SEE! Income Inequality & the Wealth Gap!

Dear Difference Maker,

Winston Churchill once said that “the only way out is through.”  From the wisdom of Myrtle Fillmore’s Healing Letters

“Many individual are going through a period of awakening and adjustment. And many do not seem to know which way to turn.  Employment of the past seems taken away.  Nothing that one has done before seems to offer itself.

“Many times the reason for this is that the soul has been driving itself along certain ruts for a long time, and for its own good needs to change.

“It is not always best for a person to continue doing that which he likes to do, or that for which he has been trained, or that for which he is paid best.  We need to round out, to develop, all our faculties and powers to do that which brings us close to humanity and that which increases what the world needs most.”

Please take a few minutes today to watch …

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Wealth Gap (HBO)

Income Inequality is something that we can do something about and it will require a vehicle that makes a difference in the lives of the many and not the few.


The lesson of today’s economy is that it’s time to “do something different.”   Which is what we’ve done by bringing four exceptional products into our offerings here at Heart Production & Publishing where we fully intend to make a difference and have a greater impact and never again struggle with whatever the economy is or is not doing.

Do you have dreams that you are not getting to because of time, money and energy?

“What would you change in your life if your annual income became your monthly income?”

Bob Proctor, author of You Were Born Rich says that there are only 3 strategies for earning money: M1, M2 and M3.  Do you know what they are?

M1 is working for someone else, which will keep you struggling financially.

M2 is working for yourself, which can make you wealthy, but you will have to work a lot.

M3 is using the power of leverage by building residual income through the power of network marketing

Unfortunately, school does not teach us how to earn money, yet money affects virtually every aspect of your life.

“you have residual bills… why not have residual income?”

Today, as an author and business coach I am now teaming up with competent, capable, prosperous minded stay-at-home parents, people in unfulfilling jobs and business owners to build passive residual income into their existing business models to create long term financial security and time freedom into their lives regardless of what the economy is doing or not doing.

You can never get time back …

An Invitation

If you’re interested in hearing more about a way to have time freedom, passive residual income, personal growth, and more fun with positive, like-minded people, join my husband Craig and me for a short 30 minute FREE webinar on MONDAY & WEDNESDAY evenings with either John Haremza, single mother Donna Farrell or Mickey Dillon  ….

Simply take out your phone right now and set the alarm to go off on the night that’s best for you …

Mondays &/or Wednesday evenings …


If you can’t make the call, but want to know more, email me and we’ll send you the replay. Mary@BeHealthyJava.com

I’m excited to share this possibility with you, because whatever your situation now, I know that you are here on the planet for abundance, happiness and love.

Please join us to find out if this could be the way to fund your dreams, both large and small.

Reaching out …



PS … When can we talk? Let’s schedule a time to talk about Making a Difference, More Money & Winning Time back by building Javita coffees, tea and cocoa into your “life” and/or your existing business model.



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