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From the desk of… Mary & Craig Reynolds

Thank you in advance for a few moments of your time to share 3 health products that we’ve brought into our business that are simple and easy to add to your own life and/or business offerings.

These 3 products answer concerns about stress, anxiety, health self-care and reducing LBs, focus, fatigue and afternoon slumps.

In a recent survey, over 80,000 people were asked what they would love for their life in 2014.

The overwhelming answer? …financial abundance.

I imagine that might be one of your goals this year as well. That’s why I wanted to give you some information which can shift your life beyond the ONE & DONE model that most people experience, day in and day out in the every-day work world.

The theme this year at Heart Productions & Publishing – Make A Difference.com – is to bring you the ways and means to enJOY living a Healthy, Rich & Happy Life!

In creating a Healthy, Rich & Happy Life … we begin with the END in MIND:

“What would you change if your annual income became your monthly income?”

Bob Proctor, author of You Were Born Rich, says that there are only 3 strategies for earning money: M1, M2 and M3. Do you know what they are?

M1 is working for someone else, which will keep you struggling financially, while helping to prosper someone else.

M2 is working for yourself, which can make you wealthy, but you will have to work a lot.

M3 is using the power of leverage by building residual income through the power of network marketing.

Unfortunately, school does not teach us how to earn money, yet money affects virtually every aspect of our lives.

If you’d welcome the opportunity to expand the difference you are making exponentially AND insulate your life and your passions from any downturn in the economy, then I’d like to invite you to investigate the business vehicle that literally sells itself!

Go to:  BeHealthyJava.com and investigate for yourself!


I welcome the opportunity to meet you off line.

If bells start ringing for you like they did me, then I’d like to schedule a time to strategize the best ways for you to achieve your goals, have financial abundance and answer your questions.

We can do this at your convenience. Just call or email me the best days and times and we’ll get something set up.

Reaching out to make a difference …





Mary & Craig Reynolds
International Coffee Brokers

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