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own your life!

Are you working a ONE & DONE life & business model?

Meaning you work hard to build a meaningful relationship and a connection and then it’s over until the next time they may or may not need your services, product or program?  Which means you’ve got come up with creative ways to chase after them or go out and get yourself new clients and customers!


Now you can EXTEND what you’ve spent your time and energy establishing to a long term – highly lucrative connection.

For example, I was introduced to my nutritionist over twenty years ago. To this day there are certain herbal supplements in her distribution center that are staples that I use daily and reorder monthly all by myself online!

That’s 20 years of passive residual income she intelligently put herself in a position to provide for her family and fund her dreams to enjoy her retirement.


A new business paradigm!

It’s SIMPLEwe’ve made an affordable investment in
the distribution rights to Javita Coffees, Teas, Cocoa & Active Blendz
in order to build passive residual income into our existing business model because when the demand hits for these products – and it will – we want every body to buy it through our network which you can
build into your life 
& existing business!

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You are already giving your expert advice and recommendations right?!

 Go ahead and encourage your clients/customers to DO a
24 Day Feel Better Do Better Challenge
with a box or two or three of Javita’s herbally infused


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Tell them (like you already do with anything else) about the miraculous successful experiences that are coming in
on these products and your boxes of coffee, tea & cocoa

will literally start making their way into
your clients/customers homes.

And as your customers begin feeling better and doing better their friends and family will want to know what they are doing differently!  

RESULT: Friends and family will come to your place of business
and want whatever she (he) is having!

Talk about simple, straightforward & immediately do-able
… maybe money can grow on trees!

0000 money 2Because these are simple to enjoy highly consumable products with a repeat purchase rate currently coming in at 55-60% your business will begin generating passive residual income; the kind of passive income that does NOT go away with any ebb in the economy!

How many of your ideal clients and customers struggle with their health, weight, energy and FOCUS in our fast-paced, high-tech, bright-shiny-object world?  

How many of them have been depressed, impulsive and miserable with extreme diet and exercise programs that did not work for them because they over stressed their bodies making things even more demoralizing? 

Why would you not want to ENCOURAGE the people you know who are struggling to DO a 24 Day Challenge that could help them feel better and do better?

Ahhhhhh… because it’s one of those “multi-level” things. So you are limiting your impact and financial earnings to your own financial security based on what?  Based on people who offer derogatory excuses because they didn’t show up for their life or their business!

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This short video with John Haremza is such an important video
we’re posting it again on this page as well on the OPPORTUNITY page!

Are you going to have …

reasons or results?

This is not rocket science!  It’s coffee, tea and cocoa each being billion dollar industries and it’s helping people feel better so they can do better in their relationships, health and finances.  While the coffee may not taste exactly like your daily brew it gets the job done.

We weren’t coffee drinkers before Javita … now we are.  It only took about a week before we both felt the shift and started looking forward to drinking our Javita coffee, tea and cocoa every single day.  Why?  Because we are putting our focus on the the goal and we are inviting you to do the same.

What are your reasons going to cost you?  Do you have a strong enough “why” to build phenomenal results for yourself and your loved ones?

It’s SIMPLE and straightforward:  When you get started with the Business Elite Membership Pack you will pay $25 a box, which enables you to turn around and start selling your new line of Javita products to you customers for $35-$45 a box.  A great way to bring your four new offerings into your business because the products pay for themselves!

The main goal being that your customers will either come back to your place of business to buy more – or – they will order online where they will be given a choice to get on Preferred Customer Autoship, so they will continue to receive the coffee every month.  It’s what people do!  The Internet has trained us all to make our lives a simple as possible with automation.

THIS JUST MAY BE THE ONLY THING THAT CAN INSULATE YOUR BUSINESS FROM ANY FUTURE DOWN MARKET in combination with all of the people who will see their results and want what they are having!

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When your customers start to feel better, look better and lose weight, they will tell their friends who … will tell their friends who … will tell their friends, and they will either come to YOUR place of business to buy their coffee and tea OR they ALL start ordering online from YOUR website. Your business will earn $5 a box every month from every friend who orders online because of every customer who got excited about the coffee they bought in your store = Exponential Growth.

PLUS: When your customers begin ordering online, you will receive their email addresses and contact information – and you’ve just added another way to market your upcoming promotions on your products and services to the mix.

reduce your weight by simply changing your coffee

own your life!

Just IN!

Amy Wilson, Salon Owner, mother of four children running two businesses has had health concerns with Fibromyalgia and high blood pressure – both of which are improving significantly along with being able to take off a LB a week with Javita Burn+Control Coffee.

In this interview she shares that she is can hardly keep Javita Burn+Control on the shelf its selling so well. The majority of her customers like the taste of it and buy it that day and then they either come back for more or they reorder online as a Preferred Customer on Autoship.



Love your work, but not where you’d like to be financially?

Within just 3 short days, Diane Briehn, Owner of Shear Elegance Salon, had already sold out of her first order of Javita coffee, and in just two and a half weeks she’s the proud new owner of a BMW that’s being paid for by Javita…

I was blown away! and got my BMW! Salon display

Salon table display

Dan & Stacys successdan & staceys b&as

See our Success Stories page for our most current news and videos of people getting results!

Here is the SIMPLE SYSTEM to Give Your Business & Your Life FINANCIAL SECURITY and FREEDOM!  This is how you …

own your life!

Step 1: Invest as a Business Member (14 boxes) or Business Elite Member (34 boxes – best buy) under your name OR your business name at:

ORDER your labels RIGHT AWAY so when your coffee and tea arrives, take the plastic off the boxes, and stick your label on the inside of the lid of the box.

The label will have the address of your Javita website which you receive automatically when you become a member. That way, when people want to reorder, they can do so online through “your” Javita website, i.e.,

Step 2: Get your display set up and simply offer a cup of coffee or tea to every customer that comes in to shop. Ask them if they want to sample the Burn+Control, Lean+Green or the Energy+Mind.

Have the boxes of coffee available for purchase with photos of BEFORE & AFTERs on the display table that we will send you to get printed up when you become a member.

As your customers and/or clients come back for more coffee from you, you can either keep selling it at $45 a box OR when you think they are ready you will educate them on the value of becoming Preferred Customers for a savings of $35 a box.

If your clientele is virtual you will simply walk them through the process of ordering and becoming a Preferred Customer online.

Step 3:   Get rid of ALL of your businesses competition!  Be the first to reach out to your professional circle of influence.  Let other business owners in your industry or similar industries in your community know what you are doing so they can do it too as members of your Javita business.

They are no longer your competition because they are in your Javita business!

This is where the Exponential Factor of multi-level model of network marketing kicks in.

BONUS STEP:  As customers experience the health benefits to themselves and their loved ones, there will be those who figure out the power of word of mouth to their friends and family and that these easy to enjoy products hold the potential for them to become financially secure and free right along side you.

This would be the time to move them to becoming Business Members on your team.  [For counselors and coaches you may want to wait until you’ve concluded your sessions with your clients before taking this next step.]

TIME is of the essence to be the FIRST BUSINESS in your Area to get the your customers and clients tasting and loving the Javita Weight-Loss COFFEE, TEA & COCOA!


email me ( with a couple of days & times to find a fit; and let’s get something on the calendar!

Click here to read up on all 3 STARTING OPTIONS & BENEFITS – Which is the best fit for you?

Javita 3 Join Options

After you join as a member, you can purchase the coffee & tea in bulk at $25 per box and Retail them for $35 – $45.
Javita 10-Packsbulk

Let’s schedule a time to talk and together we can find the best fit for you to bring Javita into your existing business model and life so you can
own your life!
at our founding business: Heart Productions & Publishing – HPP 

Here are 7 ways Javita Burn+Control Coffee &/or Lean+Green Tea &/or Energy+Mind Coffee can create immediate revenue AND recession proof your business long term, no matter what the economy is doing:

  1. Immediate retail sales – this gets people’s attention: WEIGHT LOSS COFFEE (or TEA or ACTIVE BLENDZ)! (after you become a member you will be able to purchase coffee/tea at wholesale pricing at $25 a box and sell it for $35-$45 a box depending on your clientele). How fast can this coffee/tea sell?  Watch people’s heads turn when you talk about Weight Loss Coffee!  Check out Bill Ball’s experience.

bill ballJPG

Bill’s Commission Summary for September 2014…
Bill Balls earnings as of 9 2014JPG

Bill Ball today…

billball today

2. People love the taste and the effects – feeling in control around food, emotional eating, etc – and the most common statement heard is that people miss drinking it when they run out. Reorder rates in the company right now are 55%-60% – excellent by any industry standards.

3. Your clients/customers will either come back to your place of business to buy more OR (with your coaching when they buy – telling them that they can reorder at your Javita website on the label you’ve put on the lid of the box) they will simply reorder on line.

4. When they re-order online you will receive their phone number and email address. You now have a way to connect with them as often as you want about any upcoming special offering.

5. As they lose weight their friends, family and colleagues will ask them what they are doing. They will say that all that they are doing is drinking weight loss coffee/tea. Their friends will say, “Where can I buy it?” They will tell them about your business and its location and/or they will give them your Javita website: and they will simply go buy it themselves online and become your customers.

6. Now you’ve got their friends, family and colleagues as your customers along with their email addresses and phone numbers.

7. Some of your clients/customers will figure out that they can make money letting people know how they are losing the weight and feeling great – as “your” business associate – AND THIS is where you develop your very own sales force = Exponential growth.

It’s a new business paradigm!

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