why choose team reynolds?

Hello Hello!!  We are Craig & Mary Reynolds and we’ve been in business together as long as we’ve been married … 22 years now!


why javita, why now?

When Craig and I met, we were both single parents and together we became a blended family with three amazing children.  In the early years of our marriage he supported us financially while I worked from home to raise our family and develop programs to bring to educators and parents about how to Re-Label their kids so they can THRIVE in school, home and wherever their lives take them.

When the doors of education didn’t open up wide enough for me to even get my foot in the door, I found that the doors to Corporate America did – and in a big way! Because corporate employees are not tenured like a very large percentage of the education industry is, most people are much more invested in learning better ways to be productive at their jobs and work well with each other.

In speaking and training the corporate and business audiences about how to Re-Label™  themselves and their difficult to work with colleagues, I quickly realized that most of us are all just little kids in big bodies!  Issues that happened in most of our childhoods are still playing out in the workplace and getting in the way of a rich and happy life.

Craig’s Warton School of Business M.A. coupled with his technological genius has supported of my life’s work this entire time and together we’ve been making a difference by successfully marketing our moviesbooks and programs on the Internet.

However, with the constant ebb and flow of our economy, even though we work six days a week, 52 weeks of every year for 20+ years, we have not yet enjoyed long term financial security in our life’s work and business.

So when our good friend called to tell us about Javita, it was truly an answer to our prayers from three important standpoints ….

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Reaching out to make a life, make a living and make a positive difference …



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